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Jason Mesnick Denied Reality Steve Conspiracy Theory On View February 27th

On Friday, February 27th Jason Mesnick appeared on The View to promote the shows Final Rose Episode which aired on Monday, March 2nd.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck started The View segment  with Bachelor Jason Mesnick by saying "you all know how addicted I am to the most popular the most incredible season of The Bachelor yet. The season finale is on this Monday night (March 2nd) and today we have him just where we want him.  Please welcome The Bachelor Jason Mesnick."  Elisabeth was obviously a huge fan of Jason and the show.

The rest of The View members also seemed to be happy to see Jason when he came striding out onto the stage wearing jeans and a jacket looking relaxed and very laid back.  He was laughing and cutting up as he hugged the four View women on the stage and said hi to all of them. (Barbara Walters was not there).

Elisabeth started by saying "I thought The Women Tells All was going to get hot.  But this is, you already had to deal with Joy "Purelling" you.  Making a scunched up face from the Purell incident (Joy put Purelle in his mouth) Jason said "oh my god, that's awful".  Whoopie said "its not the strangest thing you've had in your mouth."  Jason said "whoaa".  Joy said "at this point it is getting rough".  Elisabeth said "I told you, I told you." He then said "I plead the Fifth."

Elisabeth changed the topic and said "so the 25 women are now down to 2.  We have Melissa and Molly.  What?  How are you really? Are you engaged, is what I want to say?"

Jason quickly replied "I am completely in love, she is moving to Seattle."

Elisabeth repeated herself "no...engaged."  Not an odd question for Elisabeth to ask.  Afterall, in the pre-Bachelor talk show appearances Jason Mesnick told all the various hosts and hostesses he was "in love and engaged".  For Friday's show on The View he said "you will have to watch and see".

Jason continued to avoid the engagement question by saying "and you'll have to stay tuned into the final.  It's an unbelievable experience for me.  Unbelievable."  He was keeping his lips buttoned tightly.

Elisabeth started to say "this show has the most watched bachelor to date, OK"  Jason interrupted with "you'll have to see, you'll have to see."

Elisabeth acknowledged "you obviously have contractual arrangements" and you can't let us know any details before the show.  She continued by addressing the Reality Steve Conspiracy Rumors, without specifically mentioning Reality Steve.

She said "this show is probably the most watched Bachelor to date, so there are Internet rumors and people following and bloggers like never before.   One of the rumors is you propose to Melissa, immediately have second thoughts and then turn her down and propose to Molly instead.  Does that ring a bell as something that may have happened?

Jason said in an animated voice "I don't know all the rumors out there.  There is one I do want to address.  It does talk about this being set up and there's conspiracy (Reality Steve) and I will stake my whole life on the fact, that there is nothing set up, this is my true life, my real experience and I would never associate myself with anything like that."

The applause applauded at Jason's sincere response.

Sherri said "Ok.  Elisabeth said "that's good."  Sherri said "I am glad you cleared that up."  She continued "we have two finalists, Melissa and Molly.  What is it about Melissa that you love?

Jason said "both girls.  Melissa is that ultimate wife, I mean she's sweet, she's beautiful, she's fun, she's exciting.  She's everything."  Sheri said "and then what about Molly?"

The bachelor said "You know, Molly for me is kinda the balance of everything. She became a great friend. She's, there's passion there, she's sweet, she's fun and you know we've got a young fun relationship too." The dilemma is that there are the two girls and there is a path with both of them and I have to explore which one's right for me."

Joy asked "are you sleeping with both of them?"  Jason said "I'm here with you what are you talking about?"

Joy continued "I mean on the show, you have these overnights. Do you sleep with them?" Jason said "I'm not going to talk about what happens (in the overnights." Elisabeth yelled out three times "he's a gentleman, he's a gentleman, he's a gentleman" referring to the fact gentlemen don't kiss and tell.

Jason said "the physical part of a relationship is important.  It's not the only thing but it's important." Joy asked "well if you're sleeping with Melissa and you go with the other one and she (Melissa) sees it on television that could make a girl very upset."

Elisabeth said "we've seen a lot so far" and "we saw Jillian in the hot tub" and as the background flashed on Jason and Jillian kissing and making out in the hot tub she said "we just had a little flash right there."  Joy said "all that carrying on."  Joy's comment about the carrying on cracked up the rest of the women and Jason who said "no one says that any more" and Sherri agreed.

Elisabeth continued by saying "the hot tub with Jillian did get super steamy.  But at the end of a couple of shows ago you said she was more of a friend and there wasn't so much chemistry."  Elisabeth said "it was really hot." She also said "I think she (Jillian) and everyone else thought there was some chemistry."

Jason said "there was obvious chemistry, but was there enough for forever?  And that was what I was alluding to more than anything."

Sherri said "but Jason, I want to know, I'm sorry, I've got to know, we all sat here and watched all the girls saying I'm falling in love with you and you couldn't wait to kiss her and shut her up."

Elisabeth said..."when in doubt...make out."

Sherri continued "how do go from kissing Jillian and then you kiss Molly and then you're kissing Melissa. Am I right?"

Jason said "no. I don't think so. The last (part of the show) especially for Jillian, Molly and Melissa. I had real strong feelings for all three of them.  Until you are sitting in that position in those shoes you don't know."

Whoopi said "here's the question.  Here's the question I have for you. You're a relatively young man.  A very young man. Is this really how you want to find a life mate?  I mean I realize its a TV show.  I get that.  But you also have this adorable little kid.  I have seen the show once or twice.  I set it up when I saw it.  And I said I thought it was great that were finally showing men out there who were raising their children. But where do you see this really going after this?  This is the woman who is going to share your life?"

Jaon said "right.  I mean that is a good question.  I would not have done this unless I thought it was possible. Because I went through it the first time and I really did fall in love with Deanna.  So I knew it was completely possible."

Joy asked "what happened to that (Deanna)?"  Sherri said "are you still in love with her?"

Jason repeated "am I still in love with Deanna?"  Elisabeth jumped in and said "she turned him down when he proposed and she's coming back this coming Monday and then you cry over a balcony.  And is it because you are still have feelings for her?"

Again Jason said "you will have to wait and see those were the most raw...." A photo of Jason hanging distraught over the balconey was flashed on the screen.  Jason saw it and said "ohhh great.

Sherri "what did you think when you saw her (Deanna) show up?" Joy looked at Jason crying on the screen and said "Are you upset there?  What are you upset about?" Jason replied "I may not have cried that hard in my entire life."

Joy continued "so what did you think when you saw her show up?"  Joy asked Jason "is this acting or is this real?"

Jason said "oh come on". He seemed defensive, slightly shocked and said to Joy "no that's not acting.  I can't act, you saw me back stage you know I can't act. Come onnnnn."

Whoopi asked "is this love? (with Melissa)"

Jason sais "yes.  Where does anybody else, where does anyone here meet the person they're dating?  Anyways, at the gym, at a bar, through a friend. If there's a group of people who are saying we're going to go across the country and we're going to find girls who are good for you... How is that not possible?  I'm not saying it's not guaranteed."

Joy pointed out "a lot of those little girls are bitchy and catty."   Jason said "I'm not going to have a connection with all 25 (of the bachelorettes).  Joy asked "how long is the engagement going to last before you really know the person?  Hmmm?"

Elisabeth said "Ty just turned in 4.  What if you had. What if you did fall madly in love with one of these women and Ty was not into her?"

Jason told the women there was no way he would have ever introduced Ty to anyone who would not have been good for him and certainly not one of the bitchy or catty women Joy was referencing.  He said "I couldn't fall in love with someone unless I saw them with Ty.  But I know in my heart I wouldn't introduce him to someone who wasn't great anyways.  As far as Ty's perspective he is more interested in SpeedRacer and Leggy McQueen than anything else."

The women wanted to know "is your mom there?"  Jason confirmed "my mom's there."  They also asked about Jason's ex-wife.  He explained "my ex-wife and I are really really great friends."  The women said "you are?"  Jason replied "yeah."

Elisabeth said "we wish you the best of luck."  She also said to be sure and watch the Final Rose Ceremony on Monday, March 2nd.

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