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The Bachelor Melissa Meets Ty

One thing no one can deny is how incredibly beautiful the setting is for this last segment of The Bachelor.  The show does an amazing job of showcasing the gorgeous sand, sea, surf and rocky cliffs.   It definitely sets the stage for romance and makes everything seem idylic.

The Bachelor, The Final Rose episode opened with teasers of Jason with the remaining two women - Melissa and Molly and a flash to DeAnna Pappas.  There is an explanation of what will unfold in this last episode and how Jason will have time with each woman, Ty and his family to make his final decision.

The opening segment has Jason talking about his reunion with his son Ty.  As Jason talks, the camera flashes to Ty playing in the sand with what is probably a nanny or babysitter or a family member.  The beautiful ocean is in the background.

Jason tells the camera it has been a week since he last saw Ty, but it feels a lot longer in his heart.   He goes running across the pristine white sand, grabs Ty in his arms and they fall down onto the ground, which is the same move Jason made with Ty when he was on The Bachelorette.  As Jason greets Ty he has tears in his eyes and appears to be breaking down.

Another thing you can't deny about this Bachelor season.  Ty is absolutely adorable.  Is there a little boy cuter anywhere around?

Ty asks him "daddy are you sad?" and Jason says he is so happy to see Ty.  Shortly after the initial reunion, Jason and Ty are shown together on a fabulous white beach in New Zealand wearing matching blue jeans and shirts and playing together.   Ty is dressed impeccably.

Jason explains to his son that he is going to meet two of Jason's friends, Melissa and Molly.  Ty seems agreeable to the idea of meeting new people.  Or at least he is just having such a great time with his dad on the beach he doesn't really care.  It's hard to say.

Jason tells the camera that Melissa is the only one who has seen Ty to this point and she only saw him that one night he had to have her come to his house for their delayed date.  Jason said he has been waiting to introduce Melissa to Ty and "today is the day".

Melissa is shown running into Jason's arms, he picks her up and swings her around.  Melissa, who looks adorable wearing her hair in a cute swingy ponytail with large hoop earrings asks Jason to "pinch her" to prove to her she is there in New Zealand with him.

Melissa says a "it's a big day" and lets Jason know she is excited but nervous about meeting Ty.  Jason reassured her "if you're yourself and go into exactly as you are, things will be great."  Melissa re-iterated "it is a big deal to meet Ty."  She questioned "can we merge as a family?"

Jason and Melissa go off and play golf, actually they are just puttering, with Ty who looks beyond adorable in a light and dark blue stripped shirt.   The three of them look like the perfect young couple with their young son.

Melissa, Jason and Ty spend time together.  Melissa tells Ty an achoo joke, Jason leaves them alone briefly to continue playing golf together.  He tells Ty he is going to go off briefly and will be back.  It is his way of giving Melissa and Ty time together. When Jason returns with a baby lamb he presents it to Ty.  He asks Ty if he knows what the animal is.  Ty says its a sheep.  Jason explains it's a lamb.

Then Melissa tells another Baadddd joke to Ty and Jason.  From all outward appearances Melissa and Ty did just fine on their first meeting together.

The segment is over and Melissa tells the camera that now she needs to meet the rest of Jason's family and expresses how important it is to meet them.

Of course there is still the fact Melissa's family has not met Jason since they refused to do so when he did the home town date with her in Dallas, Texas.

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