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Why Reality Steve Should Be The Next Bachelor

Having watched every single episode of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I believe I qualify as a good fan and judge of Bachelor worthiness. I also have a pretty solid track record picking the top two plus I have strong opinions (they're mine but certainly I can have them).

When I think back to all of The Bachelor shows that I and many of my friends loved the best, I have to say it's the Bachelors who seemed like the good guy who lived next door. Yeah, many women love the bad boy but ultimately they want to fall in love with and marry the great guy who is kind to animals, loyal to their families, honest and sincere.

Part of the reason Jason Mesnick was so popular as this season's Bachelor was because women could relate to him being the devoted single dad to Ty.  They also connected to his ties to his family and his Apple pie goodness.

Bob Guiney won over America with his great sense of humor and fun. He seemed like the guy you would want to invite over to dinner to met your younger sister. Charlie O'Connell was also very attractive as The Bachelor, even though he wanted a career in acting, because he was very close to his family and seemed to be honest and sincere with the Bachelorettes he picked in the end.

Ditto for Brad Womack, even if he left both women standing at the end. At least he showed integrity and honesty.

With all those factors in mind I think Reality Steve should be the next Bachelor. Why? First of all, Steve truly loves the show, having turned his viewing of it into a labor of love by providing detailed recaps of every episode airing since Trista was the Bachelorette.

What better guy to be a Bachelor than a guy like Steve who truly understands the show and has watched it from almost the very beginning?

Steve truly personifies the good guy next door. He is devoted to his family to the point he chose to leave his beloved Southern California to move to Texas in order to help his father with his father's business. He never lets more than a few months pass without hopping on a plane to go visit his niece and nephew (he has one of each). He is a prime example of someone who is loving and committed towards his family.

Steve also loves animals, even though he never had one as a child. His current beagle mix, Maddie, was a rescue dog and he is completely committed to her care. So much so, he keeps her with him when he films his RealitySteve video blogs.

What Bachelorette wouldn't melt at the sight of Reality Steve with his nieces and nephews and beloved (and adorable) dog Maddie?   Although never married, Reality Steve at 33, is the perfect age for one of ABC's Bachelors.

Not only is Steve intelligent, hard working and committed to truth, honesty and The American Way. He respects the feelings of others. The reason Reality Steve decided, after some soul searching, to release the current Bachelor Conspiracy Theory is because he felt very bad for the feelings of Melissa. Although he understand the show may not always be completely "real" he totally related to the way the Charlie O'Connell show was handled with a live unscripted finale.

The times are a changing in America right now. People everywhere want truth, integrity and sincerity. The Bachelor viewers want to be entertained but they also want hope. They want to hope that Happily Ever could really happen for them if it can happen on The Bachelor. Maybe, as Reality Steve points out, you can't meet and fall instantly in love in six weeks but you could, like Charlie O'Connell find two women you are very fond of and give it time to develop into something wonderful like Charlie and Sarah (who are still together are a short break).

Would Steve be The Bachelor or even one of the 25 Bachelors if asked? It is probably unlikely. Why? I suspect he might not want to disappoint his legions of fans who depend on his Reality Steve Bachelor recaps, which he would have to give up if he was part of the ABC show.

But hey, with all of Reality Steve's Web fans and his many connections to the Entertainment biz, he seems like a perfect All American good guy who would make the hearts of American women tune into the next season of The Bachelor? There's no reason The Bachelor ratings couldn't soar with an all American good guy like Reality Steve with a live finale like Charlie O'Connell.

In the meantime, if you have not yet met Reality Steve, stop by his RealitySteve blog and read his fabulous Bachelor recaps and theories.

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