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Sean Penn Was Hung Over While Chatting With Ellen

Ellen Degeneres loves to call people on the phone. Recently she called Academy Award winner Sean Penn for his recent win as Best Actor for his role on Milk.  Ellen played a clip of Sean making his acceptance speech.  When the clip was over Ellen said to her audience "what a great guy."

She picked up her phone and dialed.  Actor Sean Penn answered the phone and Ellen said "hey, It's Ellen calling.  Hi." Sean sounded excited "hi, how are you?  Ellen said "I'm fine."

Ellen told Sean "the audience is just cheering you right now.  It probably sounded like static. But they're just cheering."


He laughed as she said "so we just watched the clip of you accepting again. And I just. Congratuations.  First of all I guess what you hope,  I hope more people go see this movie now.  Not just that you won the award.  That more people will take an interest in seeing it."   Sean agreed "well yes, now that would be lovely."

Sean Caged Up In Hotel With Hangover

Ellen asked "first of all, are you in Los Angeles?  Sean said "yes I am caged up in a hotel room reading and nursing a hangover.

Ellen replied  "ohhhh. Hey, listen, well first of all I'm just thrilled to talk to you. And you know that, you how much I love you.  But if you want to come see me anytime on the show instead of just talking on the phone, I'm gay you know, you like the gay people.  Soooooo."  Sean laughing "I'll be right down."

The funny lady said "I mean, I'm just throwing it out there, if you're going to do the talk shows you know, do the gay ones. Cause that'sss" Sean laughing "it's a kinder gentler people."

Did Sean Realize The Ultimate Impact Of Milk?

Ellen changed the topic and said "so when I saw you, I think last year at Elton John's party for the Oscar night, I think that's when you told me you were getting ready to do this role. Right?"

Sean agreed "yes, yea."

The funnylady said "were you scared that it would.  I mean, well I shouldn't put it that way. Did you realize that it would have the impact that it has?"

The Power Of Harvey Milk

Sean replied "well we hoped so.  Cause this was bigger than a movie to all of us. Harvey Milk was such a powerful personality and person and left behind such a legacy that we felt in need of continuation.  So we certainly hoped it would have that impact and we hoped it continues to build up steam."

The funny lady said "yeah, well, that is what my hope is to that more people see the movie and learn about Harvey Milk because when you told me you were doing it its one thing to take on that role but you embodied, you really became it."

She continued "if anyone sees the documentary The Life And Times of Harvey Milk and compares the real Harvey Milk to the your character you captured him so perfectly. You became that guy.  You deserved to win, absolutely. I just, I can't tell you how much I was blown away by your performance."

Sean was obviously appreciative and said "well I appreciate that very much."

Angry Sign Holders Outside Awards

And now while you were talking about the signs outside, every year outside of any awards show really...the Grammies, they are everywhere..there are those people that are holding the signs that are just filled with hatred.  Did it mean something different to you this year?

It did because I think it is in greater contrast to the common spirit that is starting to build.  It's becoming such a kind of archaic, childish and cowardice (sic) position that they really start to look like clowns without the make-up on.  It's something that's really easy to get angry at, but it really becomes, but you start to feel sad for them, and God knows you feel, it's time to quiet them for the damage they do to others. But uh, I, you know it's kind of mind-boggling, the level, the sophomoric level of thinking."

Ellen agreed, yeah.

Sean's Acceptance Speech

Ellen changed the topic and said to Sean 'let's talk about the speech.  Did you feel like there was something that you wished you had said?  Or did you feel was so eloquent and so beautiful.  And then the second thing why didn't you thank me?

Laughing Sean replied "well I just think thanking you were implicit that we were able to make this movie probably had something to do with you. You were the one who cut the trail."

Obviously touched by his response Elle said "well that's not true, but thank you.  That's Harvey Milk and many many people that are. And you said you wanted to thank your best friend Satsu Matuzawa?"

Sean responded with the correct pronunciation "Satsu Matuzawa."

Ellen asked what millions of other people probably want to know (I certainly did) "who's that?"

Sean explained "the only women who has to spend more hours tolerating me than my own wife. She is my long term assistant and actually does all the work I get the credit for."

Ellen said "Oh wow, that's very sweet but next year thank me."  Sean was touched "thank you Ellen."

She continued "I'll say this to you Sean. You do everything your way.  I have such respect for you because you really are who you are, you don't try to do something different because people might think something different of you, think better of you, you just are who you are, and I just love you for that."

The actor replied, well "back at ya."

Ellen started to end the phone conversation "Sean, take care of yourself and take care of that hangover.  I don't blame you for celebrating.  What are you dong next?" Sean stumbled over his words for a second and said "I truly do not know."

The funny lady said to Sean "rest and you're just an incredible actor and we're all grateful that you're doing what you're doing."  He replied "OK well, thanks very much.  Goodbye to you and your audience for now."

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