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Calista Flockhart Not Star Struck By Harrison Ford

Calista Flockhart was on Jimmy Kimmel's Talk Show on ABC on the February 26th show.  Calista was on the show to promote her own ABC show, Brothers And Sisters which is building up to a two hour special show on Sunday night, March 1, 2009.

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Jimmy started his conversation with Calista, who looked adorable in a very short, simple black knitted fitted dress with short boots, by pointing out that the two had never met before the show.  Jimmy said "thank you for being here" and "we've never met before met".

Calista confirmed they had never met replying "it's nice to met you".  Jimmy said "its nice to meet you too." The talk show host confessed to the beautiful actress, "I did have the pleasure of working with your finance (Harrison Ford) on one of my many projects.

Jimmy giggled "he's a very nice guy, although I have to admit I was star struck, I rarely get star struck but with him I was (star struck)."

Jimmy asked Calista "do you get star struck by him?"  the audience laughed.  Calista looked dead serious and said "nooooo" drawing out the answer.  Thetalk show host questioned "you don't really?  How long did it take to get over it....cause you know he's Hans Solo?"

Calista said "No, I know. I was, I was never star struck."

In disbelief Jimmy said "really?  Calista panned "Noooo."  Jimmy said "maybe that was where the magnetism came in?" Calista responded "maybe?"  Jimmy said "maybe" Calista exclaimed "oh my gosh."  Jimmy teased "you didn't realize?"  Calista said "nooooo thank you."

Calista Has Never Seen Star Wars

Jimmy quested "had you not seen Star Wars?"  Calista "I had not seen Star Wars."  Jimmy, was shocked "reallllly?" Calista said "no..isn't that amazing?"  Jimmy was speechless...."Wow" he said.

He asked "have you seen it since?"  Calista said "no"  Jimmy again exclaimed "wow".  Calista said "I know" and Jimmy said "that is something else." The actress agreed "I know".  Jimmy enthused "it's (the movie) really good, you should see it."

Calista said "I know.  I'm sure it is."  She explained "I know, it's weird that I haven't seen it."  Jimmy said "yeah it is a little bit (weird).  Calista continued "we lived in a small town and the movie theater was an hour away. I never saw it, and I was twelve."

Jimmy agreed "and that's the perfect age to see it."

What Calista did not discuss with regard to her finance Harrison Ford was whether or not the current rumors of their pending marriage or true.  As recently reported in the media, rumors have been swirling around Jackson Hole, Wyoming that the couple are about to marry due to having blood tests done.

The couple have been officially engaged for two years and media watchers are thinking a marriage is close at hand.

Of course only time will tell.

Note: Calista and Harrison did marry.

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