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Award Winning Hair - Calista Flockhart

Award Winning Hair - Calista Flockhart

Actress Calista Flockhart accompanied her long time sweetie, actor Harrison Ford, to the 6th Annual 'Living Legends of Aviation' Awards Ceremony on January 22, 2009.

(Image of Calista Flockhart at 'Living Legends Of Aviation" Awards on January 22, 2009 - - All Rights Reserved).

The former Ally McBeal star, who currently lights up the Brothers And Sisters series for ABC as "Kitty", looked breathtakingly beautiful in a deep blue, almost black, long fitted gown which was accented with an array of crystals.  The gown had very thin spaghetti straps and an inverted V pattern from her hips down towards her ankles.

The former Ally McBeal star wore her highlighted brunette tresses in a slightly tousled chignon style bun with sassy volume along the crown and with soft strands escaping along the nape of her neck and her hairline in front.

Almost as if Harrison had been playing with her hair before they strolled down the Red Carpet.  Of course I don't have any "real" juice on that but you never know.  Right?

Calista has a beautiful face shape that is a combination of a rounded oval with a slightly squared jawline and a slightly pointed chin.  It's not a classic shape by any definition, but it's beautiful and Calista knows exactly the right hairstyles to wear with it.

Ironically Calista wore what appeared to be the identical gown on June 9th, 2005 at the 33rd AFI Life Achievement Awards which she also attended with Harrison Ford.

(Image of Calista Flockhart at 33rd AFI Life Achievement Award - 06-09-05 - - All Rights Reserved).

The difference? Calista wore her hair up in a soft twist for the 2009 Awards, but down and tousled at the 2005 awards.

It's always so interesting to watch celebrities evolve over the years not only with their fashions and accessories, but with their hairstyles.

Wearing The Same Gown For Two Different Red Carpet Events

Because Calista appears to be wearing the exact same gown for two different Red Carpet events over a four year period, it's interesting to see how her hair and fashion statement has evolved.

What this tells me, when looking back to 2005 and ahead to 2009, is that the actress is a classic beauty who really has found her ideal fashion niche and loves the simple but elegance of a sleek gown which she then either glams up or down with her accessories and her hair.

Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves

As a bit of trivia, it should be noted that in the past Calista has actually worked with Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves.  That was some years ago but it's an interesting little side note.  I remember Ken talking to me about her and telling me she was "lovely".

It certainly doesn't hurt that the lovely Calista has such a handsome escort on her arm.  When you have Harrison Ford as your sweetie, do you really need any other bling?

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