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Tela Hair Design Studio Meets Fashion Runway With Jillian Lewis Show

Philip Pelusi and his amazing creative team, headed up by P2 Creative Director Jeffrey Reitz, were involved in the February 2009 New York City Fall Fashion Week hosting and creating the hair designs for fashion designer Jillian Lewis.

When Philip was asked how he would describe Jillian Lewis' designs which were shown at his New York Tela Design Studio he said "I would call it Belle Epoch to some extent with the emphasis on the "belle."  That was the wonderful romantic era between 1890 and 1914, but I have to say there are great aspects to Jillian's new collection that touch on other periods as well."

(Image LR Jeffrey Reitz - Creative Director, Sheri Hancock - Owner Fine Bella, Holly Novacich - owner of Josef and Marla Salon, David Patrella - owner David Scott Salon and Spa, Philip Pelusi - Tela Salon.  Front Row LR:  Josh Gambrell - Seasons Salon & Spa, Jillian Lewis - Fashion Designer & Theodora Guzman - Sabrina Salon)

Philip continued "it (Belle Epoch) evokes a different glamorous period. You think of salons and cabarets filled with music and lively, interesting writers, painters, photographers, models and more. That's why Tela is such a perfect setting for Jillian's collection. The setting is a modern updated version of that kind of place where fascinating people would congregate.

What was Philip's biggest challenge as the hair designer for Jullian's collection?   He said "as the hair designer, the challenge is in truly understanding the fashion designer's vision and then working to together along with makeup and accessories as a team in bringing that vision to life. It is a challenge on one hand and on the other it is the pleasure of working with other professionals that is ultimately satisfying for all of us."

When asked what it was like working with Jillian Philip said "in a single word: Great. Jillian is a true professional and she is not a diva. She knew what she wanted and described her vision to us very clearly.   What was especially satisfying was that she was very open to my suggestions. We really had a good time working with her and I think that is reflected in the show itself."

(Image fashion models from Jillian Lewis Fashion Show with Philip Pelusi of Tela Salon.  Image courtesy of Philip Pelusi - Tela Salon - All Rights Reserved).

How did Philip's hair designs, in his opinion, reflect or mesh with Jillian's designs?  "there is an abundance of volume and wavy styles that work extremely well with the new line. There is a lot of romance in the total look that we were trying to achieve. I'm really proud of this because it enhances Jillian's line and supports it. That was what I set out to accomplish."

How did Jillian react to Philip's recommendations?  "She was very positive and very supportive from start to finish.  It was gratifying to work with someone who appreciates what you bring to the table to enhance her work."

(Image of Fashion Models from Jillian Lewis Show - Image from Philip Pelusi - All Rights Reserved).

Philip explained about the role his Tela Salon "this was our first fashion show and it ushered in a genre that we are absolutely delighted to participate in because it is so much a part of why I created Tela. I have always considered fashion design to be an art form. I designed Tela to support the arts. We have a variety of events here, ranging from chamber music to jazz. We have good food and drinks and like the salons of a bygone era, we are filled night after night by interesting chic and stylish people who care about the arts."

Philip also noted his staff was "excited and proud to be a part of Jillian Lewis Fashion Week show."  Philip continued "we are all just delighted to contribute to the success of such a great fashion designer, who hails from New York, is a Parsons School of Design star and who was a finalist on Project Runway. We could not be more proud and pleased to have Jillian Lewis' collection for our first fashion show."

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