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George Lopez Eats Chihuahua Cake

George Lopez The Voice Of Papi

Ellen Degeneres is obviously a fan of actor George Lopez who recently was one of the stars in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  He was the voice of Papi  who eventually rescues Chloe voiced by Drew Barrymore.

(Image of George Lopez with his wife - - All Rights Reserved).

Blinged Out Golf Cart

George made a grand entrance on Ellen's show in a glittering gold golf car with plush plum seats and lots of bling.    Ellen was celebrating the upcoming Academy Awards on her show so George drove down the Red Carpet.  The star dressed in a very elegant charcoal suit with a crisp white shirt and a tie.  He did a type of little dance before sitting down in the chair with Ellen.

Ellen greeted George by saying..."I for some reason have not see that (the golf cart) around the lot.  But everyone has seen it.  I don't know how I've missed it.  But That's your ride around the lot?"

George agreed "that is my ride around the lot of Warner Brothers. I hide it away, because since the ER's ending, I don't want one of those kids to strip it."

Going Gran Tonino On Warner Brothers Lot

Ellen said they would "start stealing stuff?"  George replied "I don't want to go Gran Torino on the lot.  But I will. If I have to, I will." He made deep grumbling noises.   Ellen said "that is good looking.  Now did you design that?  I can't imagine you just bought that off the lot?"

George laughed "you know, it was given to me as a gift instead of money.  That's always fantastic.  And actually I love the fact that it is worth more in parts apparently."

Chihuahua Wedding At Home

Ellen asked "what's going on at home?  How's everything?"  George said "well you know I have been married 15 years.  My wife Anne has become a crazy dog person.  You know one of those that say ...come to be daddy.  I'm like, I'm not...that's a dog..I'm not daddy."  He continued "and they are not cheap dogs.  and they are chihuahaus.  I have three chihuahuas.

Ellen showed a photo of the three dogs all dressed up.  The audience went ooh and aahhh. The audience applauded. George nodded as the audience showed their approval.  "Which yeah?  I will send them over (the dogs) to pee on your furniture."

Chihuahua Bride Loses Dress

He commented on the photo Ellen displayed "the thing with me. That was taken at a chihuahua wedding that my wife had at the backyard.  The groom and bride never consummated the marriage. Although my wife tried like a pimp to put them together.  She had sleepovers and all that.

At the wedding "the Mother-In-Laws got into a fight.  The father went missing and the bride lost her dress during the ceremony.  I'm like, you know I've been to this wedding several times before.  I thought I was out of the hood and they pulled me back in. A little toy Helicopter flying around and shining a light on the backyard."

Ellen was laughing "that's funny". George agreed, 'that's funny."  Ellen said "seriously did she do that after the movie?  Why do you have so many (dogs) all of a sudden?"  George replied "I'm not sure.  They are expensive dogs. she has a poodle as well."  The audience applauded.  George said "a poodle is getting applause."  Ellen said "I have a poodle as well."

Eating Chihuahua Wedding Cake

George continued "it's tough when your dogs have papers but you have relatives that don't.  They (the dogs) look at me like I'm the rescue in the house.  When the see me its like "oooh its him."  He continued, for the wedding "she bought a wedding cake, it's a dog cake, it looks like a regular cake.  So she's like...who ate the dog's cake and I'm into my thrid piece.  Its a really good pound cake.  It's dog treats."

Ellen said "I cant believe she had a wedding in your backyard."  George said "she is unbelievable. Last weekend we're at  Pebble Beach.  They're spooning on the bed like you and I.  The dog raises (his head up) and is like...puhlease.

Ellen asked "they were spooning?  George said "yeah it's cute.  My wife and the dog are spooning."

Chihuahua Clothes Stuck In Human Clothes

Besides the aggravation of the dog wedding, George has to deal with their clothes.  He told Ellen "sometimes their clothes will get stuck in my clothes like when they do laundry.  And you'll see a little pink shirt that says Bitch on it."  He said you're like "what the hell?  It look like a tiny shirt with this big Bitch with three exclamation points. What the hell is this?  My daughter doesn't wear tops these tops yet."

He reported "I don't have anything Burberry.  The dogs have Burberry." He has swap meet "Burberry where the plaids don't match."  Ellen said "your dogs are lucky to be there."  George said "yeah,they're lucky."

George Lopez Running For President

Ellen and George also talked about how happy George was that President Obama won since he participated in the campaign.    Ellen congratulated him on the success of the campaign.

George Lopez said "George W. Bush was actually our first Latino President.   Why?  He lived in a house he didn't own, spent money that wasn't his and English was his second language."  George and Ellen talked about the Obama family and how the family is mixed, the kids are mixed "which is truly what America has become and what the world has become."

President Obama Has Latino In Him

George said when you see the family together "it looks like a family waiting to get in line for the Olive Garden."  He also said "President Obama has some Latino in him because his Mother-in-Law lives with them, watching the two kids.  Plus he has to spend money that is not his and he tells people he is going to do something and nobody believes him."

Latinos Are About Change

George said "with Obama's campaigning for president so successful he was going to run for president in the next election."  He said he's "going to keep some of the posters so his campaign will be George Lobama.  His platform will be "yes we can".  George said "Latinos are always about change."  He said, "when you go to the carwash we (Latinos) take it from your ashtray."  He said "Latinos are the original yes, we can people."

George said "they say you can't gain 50 pounds your first year of marriage.  We say yes you can. Solar power?  We were the first to put foil in the window when its broken.  The house would smell like where you took the foil from."

George was very funny and Ellen laughed.  She told the audience to keep track of George and his performances.

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