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2009 Independent Spirit Awards Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh wowed the 2009 Independent Spirit Award crowd in a short and sassy Fuschia pink satin gown when she took the stage to co-present the John Cassavetes Award.

(Image of Sandra Oh and Brian Cranston - Presenting John Cassavetes Award - 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - All Rights Reserved).

John Cassavetes

The Grey's Anatomy beauty wore a Bolera style elbow length black leather jacket over her vibrant pink gown which angled towards her waist.

She wore high black stillettos.  Her hair was brushed up and off her face billowing out from the back into a series of soft waves.  Her hair is long and cascades down to approximately her bra strap in back.

Her make-up was perfect and she looked perky and happy like she was really enjoying herself.

She and her co-presented discussed the John Cassavetes Award and why it was so important.

The John Cassavetes Award is for Independent Films which are made for a budget under $500,000 which is pretty incredible.  How to get more for less is so important in these times and making thrift a virtue is important.

The nominees for the prestigeous John Cassavetes Award included In Search of a Midnight Kiss with Alex Holdridge, Seth Caplan, Scoot McNairy, Prince of Broadway with Sean Baker and Darren Dean, The Signal with David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry and Alexander Motlagh, Take Out with Sean Baker, Shih-Ching Tsou and Turn The River with Chris Eigeman and Ami Armstrong.

The winner of the award was In Search of a Midnight Kiss with Alex Holdridge, Seth Caplan, Scoot McNairy.  The filmmakers make films in Austin, Texas and when they accepted the award they talked about funding the movie with $1,000 on their Visa card and living homeless for a year making the movie.  Which shows amazing commitment and love of the craft.

When winners were giving their thank you speeches Sandra Oh was to one side and she looked truly touched and happy for the winners.

My only problem with Sandra Oh at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards was she was on the show for too short of a time period.  I think she is an amazing actress with a unique and fun fashion style.

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