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2009 Academy Awards Top Secret Presenters

The challenging World Economy for 2009 is touching all areas including the annual Academy Awards Show.  The Oscar ceremony is responsible for funding most of the annual revenue for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  The annual revenues for The Academy is more than US$70 million.

Unfortunately the Academy Awards Show has been slowly declining in popularity.  Last year's show hosted by Jon Stewart was the lowest-rated Oscar extravaganza ever, averaging 32 million viewers.

That's far from the 57.25 million people who watched the 70th Academy Awards in 1998, when "Titanic" won a record-tying 11 awards from its 14 nominations.

Indeed, the stakes are high to drive new viewers to the ceremony.

Ellen Degeneres Was My Favorite Hostess To Date

I have nothing against Jon Stewart but I must confess I loved Ellen Degeneres as the hostess.  I'm not sure how her ratings compared to other hosts and hostesses but for me, she was the ultimate hostess.

Last year I Tivoed the awards and honestly fast forwarded through the host spots since I am not devoted to Jon.  When Ellen was the hostess I watched every minute she was on the stage.

Top Secret Presenters

The other reason I would sit down and actually watch the awards was when I had advance notice of who the various presenters were.  Sometimes my favorite actors and actresses only show up at the Academy Awards.  You can bet I was glued to my set ready to check out their performance.

Not knowing who is presenting has made me even more determined not to spend time on the show except to cherry pick what I want to see, which is the major awards.

No presenters will be announced before Oscar night. The message? Watch the show or miss out. Some critics aren't convinced such secrecy will work. As Mark joked to The Associated Press, presenters who out themselves before Feb. 22 "will have their all-access passes denied."

How Will The Show Fare?

One of the reasons cited for the declining viewship besides the Writers Strike is competition from the many other award shows.  Indeed, I watch all of the televised awards so I can blog about them.

There are a lot of awards and more popping up constantly.  By the time we get to the Oscars we have had the Golden Globes, Film Critics Awards, The Screen Actors Guild Awards, The Baftas, The NAACP Awards and The Independent Spirit Awards, to name just a few of the film awards every year.

The 2009 Academy Awards show is being completely revamped with new stages sets and Hugh Jackman as the host.  I like Hugh, but he's no Ellen.

Watch CTV's live coverage of 2009's Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 22 at 8:30 p.m. EST

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