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2009 Independent Spirit Awards Melissa Leo Thanks Bloggers For Win

The 2009 Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead went to Melissa Leo for her starring role in Frozen River.

The vivacious strawberry tressed actress looked resplendent in a long printed forest green chiffon gown that flowed as she jogged up to the stage to accept her award.

(Melissa Leo - 2009 Independent Spirit Award Winner - Best Female Lead).

She whooped when she accepted the award from Juno star Ellen Page.  She said "when I got out of the car" tonight to come to the awards "my heart was racing so fast."  The excited actress told the star studded audience "you are my people, you know you are my people."

She enthused "thank you so much.  I have a party to go to tomorrow night (The Oscar Awards) and you can't make a list.

Please bear with me.  Frozen River is a truly Independent Film."  She stopped with her speech and briefly looked down and said "ooh...there's a hole in the ground if you get too close to the microphone you will fall in."

She proceeded with her speech "thank you Barker and Barnard and all the amazing people who work at Sony Pictures.  Thank you to all the media and all the bloggers that gave Frozen River a lift and a chance."

Melissa said "my heart will start beating again.  Thank you to all of you watching from home through the power of television this is being brought to you my family and friends. "

She continued "thank you to the people who make Independent film.  Thank you to co-star Misty Upham and the entire case of Frozen River and last of all, what makes Independent film, thank you to the crew of Frozen River and the local people who made this film come true.  Hurrah Independence!!!"

With that final hurrah Melissa was off the stage.  However, the cameras showed a very emotional Melissa when the director of Frozen River won award for best director.  Melissa appeared to be teary and joyful all at the same time.  It was very moving.

Melissa also presented a clip for the film.  She obviously had a fabulous time at the awards show.

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