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Simon Baker Rescues Schnoodle Dog

Ellen Degeneres recently had The Mentalist's Robin Tunney on her talk show  where she actually apologized to Robin for spending most of her time on the show talking about sexy Aussie Simon Baker.  Ellen obviously adores Simon. Of course, who doesn't?

Simon Baker

The funny lady had Simon on the show again yesterday (February 16, 2008).  He was her first guest on the show.  She introduced Simon to her audience by saying "our first guest stars on one of the hottest shows on TV".  At that point Ellen showed a clip of Simon and Robin on an episode of The Mentalist.  It was charming, as always.

Once the clip was over Ellen said "please welcome the adorable Simon Baker".  The handsome actor bounded out onto the stage wearing a pair of square Michael Caine black reading glasses.  His honey colored hair was wavy and looked tousled.  He was wearing a fashionable suit without a tie.  The audience went crazy to see him.  He looked beyond adorable and very handsome.

Simon Baker On The Grammy Awards

Ellen greeted her sexy male guest by talking about Simon's recent appearance as a presenter on the Grammy Awards.  When asked, he told her he "I introduced Cold Play."  Ellen said "what a great group to introduce."

Simon's Reading Glasses

When Simon had appeared on The Grammy Awards he was wearing the same squared framed black glasses.  The dark glasses were a new look for Simon and Ellen was thrilled with the specs.  She told the audience "I called him the next day" (after the Grammy Awards) and said "where did you get those glasses because I love them so much".

Simon told the audience the next day after the Grammy Awards "I get this text" saying "Ellen wants to call you at home".  He reported "at first I went all pale like the headmaster was calling at home."  I thought 'oh I'm in trouble I have offended someone.'  He said "I was in a lunch meeting with one of the directors and I said "excuse me this (call) is Ellen Degeneres" and the director said "you better take" the call.  Simon reported the first thing Ellen said to him was I "loved your glasses.  Where did you get them?"

Ellen's New Reading Glasses

Simon presented Ellen with an identical pair of reading glasses just like his.  He told her they "didn't have his prescription, they were clear."  He told her to say "my name is Michael Caine."  She repeated after him "my name is Michael Caine." He told the funny lady "they're new, nice and shiny."

Simon discussed the story behind his appearance in the glasses. He said "here's the weird thing.  I was at the Grammy Awards and they took him out to practice reading the teleprompter.  I went out and it was all dark.  The guy blew it up (the teleprompter) and it was even bigger."  He still couldn't see the writing (without his reading glasses) because as he explained it "he's blind".

He told Ellen "he's had the glasses for five or six years."  Simon got his glasses at "Oliver Peeples." Ellen said she called to ask if they still carried them (Simon's glasses).

After Simon gave Ellen the glasses she didn't put them on. Simon said to her "you're not wearing them." She toldhim and the audience she doesn't "really need them" she said "I only need them to read. I forget that I need them so I don't carry them with me because I  never carry a purse so I am in a restaurant and I become the grandmother."  She demonstrated how she tries to read a menu in a restaurant by asking loudly..."is there a soup?"

The Mentalist Is A Big Success

Changing the subject Ellen congratulated Simon on the show and reminded him he had been on her show right after the The Mentalist had just started and he was hoping it was going to be a success.  Simon told Ellen "you know, you work really hard to make these shows, you hope they're successful, you want people to watch and then suddenly a lot of people" are watching.  Then you change from just wanting people to watch to thinking "I don't want to mess it up."  He said the show can be "a double edged sword" from that viewpoint.

Simon said "we have a great time doing it."  He said he knew that his co-star Robin "Tunney was on" the show recently.  Ellen confirmed Robin's visit and told him Robin said "women love you.  Older women, especially love you."   He replied  "nothing wrong with older women.  My wife's an older woman."  Ellen replied "I'm probably older than you and I love you."

Simon's New Rescue Dog

Ellen said she heard Simon had just gotten "a new rescue dog."  He agreed, yes "we rescued a dog."  Ellen flashed a photo of Harry (Simon's son) and the dog.  He explained the photo as "that was actually when we took the dog because we didn't have a name for it straight away. We took the dog home from a little rescue place on the side of the road on a weekend in Santa Monica."  His son Harry "has been very excited" about the new addition to the family.  Simon reported to Ellen and the audience "the dog is great.  He's fantastic. He's half schnauzer/poodle which is known as a schnoodle" but Simon believes he's more "like a schnauzer/human."

Simon said the dog, named Happy, "is very affectionate."  The actor reported unlike other dogs who just jump all over you "when you come home he (the dog) stands up about two feet away on his hind legs and walks to you and gives you a hug."  Ellen teased "you must be mistaking the dog and your son."

Simon said he (the dog) is "very cute.  His name is Happy".  Ellen spoke up "I grew up with a dog named Happy"  The Aussie said "the guy behind the stage said that (Ellen had a dog named Happy).  He said "I thought he was lying."

Simon Wants To Become A Naturalize US Citizen

After chatting a little more about Ellen and Simon's dogs, Ellen chatted with Simon about his wish to become a naturalized United States citizen.  He told Ellen when Barak Obama was elected he and his wife wanted to go ahead and become naturlized even though they would retain their Australia citizenships as well.

The interview with Simon was delightful and one of my favorites to date.  It's always so much fun to watch Ellen with guests she enjoys.

What do you think?  Do you like Simon Baker? Do you watch The Mentalist?

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