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Jerry O'Connell Letting Daughters Date After His Death

Jerry O'Connell - - All Rights Reserved.

Ellen introduced Jerry O'Connell by saying he just became a brand new dad to two new baby twin girls.

Jerry came bouncing and dancing out onto Ellen's stage wearing faded jeans and a light blue shirt rolled up at the elbows and open at the neck.   He was carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.  As he reached the chairs, he handed Ellen the gorgeous flowers and did a little rap style dance.  He was holding his arms close to his body as he rocked his hips and danced from his knees.

Jerry told Ellen he had "to watch his pit stains because," he said, "I'm a little nervous."  He explained his dance by saying, "I was doing; that was the I'm not sure dance".

Ellen thanked Jerry for the flowers and he told her "Happy V Day."  Referring to the huge bouquet of flowers he said "the only bad news about this now I have to give my wife bigger flowers. Or else it's going to  be a whole thing of why were Ellen's flowers bigger?  Hmmmm?"

(L-R) Jerry O'Connell and Nicey Nash - - All Rights Reserved.

Ellen said "these are gorgeous, well I can give the flowers back to you and you can give them to her."

"I could do this," Jerry replied, "but this show  is going to be televised, and my wife will be, 'Those are the same ones. Look, I'm going to pause it.'"

Ellen said, "they may come out a different color on TV. Congratulations.  Not only are you a new dad.  Twins.  Wow."

He said, "two little girls.  There they are."  Ellen said, "Come on." Jerry said, "I know.  There's a photo. I know, they look like little dolls.  That's uh....that's Dolly, I can't tell them apart to be honest."  Ellen asked "which is which?"

He said, "that's Dolly on the left, as you can see up there on top she's the blonde."  Ellen asked,  "so you stack them?  That's how you do it?" Jerry laughed, "we like to, we're efficient.  Dolly is on top and Charlie's is on the bottom there."

Ellen said, "you can tell them apart because they really do look different. Huh?" Jerry answered, "they do.  This one, that one on the right looks more like me like me as a kid.  And the one on the left looks like Rebecca as a kid." He continued "I don't want to point fingers, but one is a little more demanding than the other.  Um and its amazing; babies are a lot of fun.  You the big one..I'm sorry I shouldn't say the big one.  One is a little bigger than the other."

Ellen said, "get out of that habit right now."

He agreed, "I know, I can't do that.  Charlie (one of the babies) makes this face when she wants something. And I didn't teach it to her. Nobody did.  Usually I smile at the baby or say 'hey baby how are you?'  Whenever she wants something she makes this face," which Jerry demonstrated.   He continued "where did this girl learn that face? Its just incredible - babies - they have whiny instincts."  Then he did the whiny face and whined "Ellennnnn."

Ellen said "they start manipulating right away." Ellen said, "so one is more demanding you said but are they good; are they quiet?"

Jerry agreed and replied "they're very good.  Bless my wife.  My wife does all the feeding.  I can't. I don't produce milk.  I do have to say. When my wife breast feeds, I don't know why I'm getting nervous saying this, I'm not saying anything dirty, its natural. But um."  He continued, "she does what we call the double football.  Which is just incredible because its like three beings attached it looks like something from the circus."

He continued, "it's crazy, its just crazy. But then wife...I'm sure I can say this on TV. Its a natural thing.  My wife pumps" and Ellen gasped in mock teasing.  Jerry laughed, "my wife pumps. Which is the machine you hook up to."

Ellen said, "sure." Jerry joked, "you have to put quarters into it.  I'm kidding. And uh my wife was doing it, my wife was not complaining; my wife is the best, I love you baby. But my wife was saying, 'it's uncomfortable.'"

Ellen said, "it hurts"

Jerry said, "Well I said 'let me try it.'  I put it on and uh [the breast pump] and it was uncomfortable.  I mean it really makes your nipples just go like this.  I'm sure I can say that. They just go like this.  No milk came out of mine.  Just like hair.  There were hairs in there."

Ellen laughed with Jerry who then said, "then you have to boil everything and sterilize it.  I'm crazy like that.  I boil everything. I have people boil their hands before they come in."

Ellen asked, "I would be nervous about that. Are you overprotective.  Do you think you'll be?"

Jerry said, "I think they'll be allowed to like date boys when I die. No. Uh. I uh."

Ellen asked, "are you worried about them crawling around and hitting their heads and things like that?"

Jerry said, "ummmm no, I do wash my hands regularly now.  I make people wash their hands regularly. I'm like one of those weird celebrities who are yeah no don't touch me, just fake high five.  So I'm a little crazy like that."

He noted, "you've got to boil everything. But they're little babies.  They're adorable."

Ellen asked about the names of the babies and asked if they were named Dolly and Charlie.  The actor agreed and said "Right. My wife is a very big Dolly Parton fan.  So hence the name Dolly. My brother's name is Charlie - and I'm from the 70s.  I don't now if you remember  Do you remember the perfume Charlie with the independent women walking around in pants suits and I just remember those commercials."

He said, "Yeah, like, my daughters are going to be independent women in pants suits walking to work with briefcases and they don't need boyfriends."  Ellen said, "they'll be flying in jet packs by them."  Jerry said, "I would like to see that."

Ellen asked, "did you tell people the names before they were born?"  Jerry said "we did in the beginning.  We're going to name one of them Dolly. And people were like 'No, No, No don't do that. I know a Dolly. And uh ho. She's on that VH1 reality show with Bret Michaels.  You don't want to do that. You know.'"

He continued, "that is my goal in life to keep my daughters off VH1 reality.  I just don't want my daughters vying for Flavor Flavs love.  Most people are like, my kids are going to Ivy Leaque, my kids are going to be doctors.  No. My kids are not going anywhere near VH1 reality show. I'm teaching them that now."

Ellen gave Jerry gifts for the babies.

Jerry said, "how cute are girl's baby clothes?  Aren't they the best?  Oh man. So cute."

Ellen gave Jerry a gift for Rebecca.  Jerry laughed and so "oh man that is so funny,  I can change Rebecca's diapers in this for when Rebeca goes poopy."

Ellen said, "whatever you want to do".  She told her audience to be sure and watch Jerry's new show on Lifetime.

  • Watch Jerry on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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