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Carrie Underwood Alone On Valentine's Day

Carrie Underwood - 2009 - - All Rights Reserved.

Carrie Marie Underwood was born March 10, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The beautiful blonde rose to fame on Reality TV during the fourth season of American Idol.

From her humble beginning as a Country singer, she has become a multi-platinum selling recording artist and four time Grammy winner.

Fastest Selling Debut Album in Nielsen Sound Scan History

Carrie's debut album, "Some Hearts", was certified seven times platinum and was the fastest selling debut country album in Nielsen Sound Scan history.   The album yielded three number one hits on the Billboard Country charts including "Jesus, Take the Wheel", "Wasted" and "Before He Cheats" as four number one country hits overall including Don't Forget To Remember Me.

Carrie's debut album is also the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history.  Quite an accomplishment for an unknown from Oklahoma.

Carrie Underwood - 2009 - - All Rights Reserved.

Her second album, Carnival Ride, was released in October 23, 2007 and has produced four number one country hits.  Chace Crawford was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on May 10, 2008, and as of February 2009, Carrie has sold over 9.3 million copies of the album in the United States.

Carrie's Romantic Life

While Carrie has a recording and performing career many singers only dream of, she doesn't seem to fare as well in her personal life. She recently told the media she would be going it alone on Valentine's Day.  Although she gave the reason as “I’m going to be on a plane on Valentine’s Day," who really knows the true scoop?

Carrie has always been secretive about her love life even though it's pretty hard to fly under the radar when you are as famous as she is.

Reputation For Dating Jocks

Even though Carrie has a reputation for dating jocks such as Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Tony Romo and is now reportedly dating professional hockey player Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators, she tries to be low key about her private life.

At the 2009 Grammy Awards E! Host Ryan Seacrest and American Idol announcer stopped Carrie and asked her about all the jocks she likes to date, like the ones she dated in high school.  Obviously embarrassed by Ryan's probes, Carrie replied she "had not dated in high school". Ryan told her she is obviously making up for [her lack of high school dates] now.

From A Cowboy To A Gossip Girl Stud

Although Carrie and Tony Romo broke up, supposedly she is still in regular touch with Tony.  When the media revealed Tony and Carrie were still in touch, his latest girlfriend, Jessica Simpson angrily denied the reports.

After dating Tony, Carrie dated Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and then one of ABC's The Bachelors.  When USA swimmer Michael Phelps won all of his gold medals at the Olympics it was reported that Carrie had a "crush on him" and wanted to get to know the swimming star better.  It was never confirmed whether the two actually got together.

One of the obvious downsides to fame and fortune, which Carrie has magnificently achieved since American Idol, is the constant presence of the paparazzi in her life.  While she can try to conduct a private love life, it seems like she has quite a challenge with those goals.

Was Carrie Underwood along on Valentine's Day because she had to be for her career or for some other reason?  Although Carrie is still only in her mid-20s, will her career continue to be a challenge to her love life?

What do you think?  Does Carrie Underwood's career impact her ability to find long lasting and true love?

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