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William Petersen Celebrates With CSI On 100th Episode

William Petersen joined new CSI cast addition Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger and the rest of the cast for a celebration of the CSI Crime Scene Investigation 200th Episode at Universal Studios, Universal City on February 10th.

(Image L-R Laurence Fisbourne, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger - CSI 200th Episode - 2-10-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

William Peterson who played one of the original cast members - Gil Grissom - for nine seasons was also recently honored with the 2,379th Star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

At his celebration of his new star his longtime co-star and friend Marg Helgenberger appeared along with Willam's wife.

The 55 year old Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor has turned over the reigns of his long CSI leadership to actor Laurence Fishburne who was on hand to celebrate the 100th episode of CSI.

Although Gil Grissom will no longer appear on camera, at least anytime soon, William Petersen will continue to work with CSI behind the scenes as a producer.  He has admitted to the media he is open to doing potential guest roles as times rolls by.

Why did he leave CSI as the main star?  He has told the cast and crew of CSI as well as the media that it all became too safe and secure.  He did not feel he was pushing himself or flexing his acting muscles.  As an actor who loves to do theater, he wanted to get back into doing acting that really pushed him.

He also wanted to take a little time off.  Shooting a show for nine years straight can become exhausting and while Peterson has said his leaving was a long time coming, he just wants to take time off for the near future.

Many show insiders believe that after a much needed break, some time behind the camera and a few other projects, the character will return for various guest stints.

In the meantime, the show's producers believe the show is in good hands with the remaining cast such as Marg as well as Laurence.

Of course only time will tell how CSI will fare without Gil.

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