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Drew Barrymore Back With Justin Long?

Regardless of whether or not you like Drew's revolving eccentric fashion or hair styles, the lady has her act together in more ways than one.

Besides being a very beloved actress, she has stepped into the producing and directing circles with great success having recently produced the newly released film '"He's Just Not That Into You" (HJNTIY).

(Image of Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in 2008 - - All Rights Reserved).

Yes, I confess, I am a huge Drew Barrymore fan.  I loved her in '50 First Dates'.  I also loved her in her latest HJNTIY although I had wished she had a larger part.

She did produce the film so I guess it's a little hard to produce and act full time.

Music And Lyrics With Hugh Grant

I was a little disappointed at her film with Hugh Grant - Music and Lyrics - because I didn't think Drew and Hugh had the same level of on-screen chemistry she had with Adam Sandler in First Dates and The Wedding Singer, her first film with Adam.

Three times is the charm so Drew and Adam definitely need to do one more film together.  Don't you think?

Difficult Childhood

Drew Blyth Barrymore (born February 22, 1975) (1975-02-22) has also had to overcome a different childhood with a challenging dysfunctional family and parents.  She had addiction issues starting at the tender age of nine, compliments of her mother who took her to Hollywood parties where she was introduced to drugs and alcohol.  Yet she acknowledged all of her Family of Origin issues, didn't hide behind them and worked on her issues.  She did her time with two stints in rehab.

Yes, she has had some difficulties with sudden and temporary marriages but according to those close to her she continues to work on herself and acknowledge her challenges in her life.

Drew And Just Working Together

The latest kudos for Drew is tied to her ability to work on a film as the producer and actress with her ex love, Justin Long.  Both were in the IJNTIY film with Drew being Justin's boss lady.  The premiere just occurred last Friday and Drew appeared at various premieres with Justin and a few others of the film's stars.

Even though the two broke up in July of 2008 the couple have nothing but kind words for each other!

Drew And Ellen Dishing On Ellen

Both Ellen and Justin visited Ellen last week with Justin landing on the show a few days before Drew.  When asked about their relationship by Ellen, who of course would ask, they both had great things to say about the other.

"We're still really, really good friends," Drew told Ellen about her former love and co-star "people are like, 'are you getting back together?' and we're like, 'No, we are just friends.' He's just the sweetest guy."

Drew's good feelings for her ex certainly are not one-sided. Justin revealed earlier in the week on "Ellen" he's still fond of the starlet as well. "She has this amazing ability to make anyone feel at ease."

Their relationship lasted almost one year.  They were first spotted as a couple in August of 2007 but had split up in July of 2008.

How Drew Mends A Broken Heart

In a People interview Drew did in February of 2007 to promote Music and Lyrics with Hugh, Drew talked about how she mends a broken heart.

She told People "I talk to myself in the mirror, pretending the other person is there and have conversations with them."  Drew also said "Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Every minute you are angry is 60 seconds of happiness that you lose."

Remaining Friends With All Of Her Ex Loves

But seriously, will Justin and Drew get back together?  Hard to say and does it really matter if they get along great now?  Drew not only told Ellen the actor was sweet, she said he "has the best sense of humor" and is "wicked funny".  She also told Ellen "if you can't be with someone it doesn't mean the love has to go away"  it just "tranfers into something" that "works at that point" in your life.

Drew told Ellen she is still very close with all the people she has had relationships with and mentioned she is still very close with "my ex-boyfriend Fabio, I was with him for five years, he's the drummer of The Stokes."

Drew told Ellen after being close to someone for a long time, she doesn't want them "to go away".  She said "if you're fortunate" you can have a relationship with an ex even if it transitions into some other type of relationship in the process.

You go girl!

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