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Paula Abdul At Grammy Awards Dreaming About Bedding Simon Crowell?

First of all Paula Abdul had some gorgeous "big 60s hair" rockin out with her stunning (IMHO) gown from new fashion designer Basil Soda along with a very lovely hair accessory.

Paula mentioned that Basil Soda (he did Katy Perry's blush pink gown as well) is from Lebanon.  It has also been reported Paula wore the same designer at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party.

Not all the fashionistas will agree with her gown color selection but it was definitely bright and regal.  Paula's Ebony black hair was worn up in a crown based combo bouffant and fanned out ponybun.  Regardless of the name for Paula's hairstyle, she looked beautiful and poised.  She also had a unique hair clip worn along one side in front of her bouffant/bun.

As luck would have it, Paula was one of the first to stroll down the Red Carpet area where E! Host Ryan Seacrest was holding court. 

Ryan seemed like he was especially happy or goofy or all of the above because he was all but gushing over Paula who is his long time buddy and American Idol co-judge.

Ryan greeted Paula with "Ms. Paula Abdul, my favorite person".  He made a point of saying he was happy she was the first Red Carpet guest he was interviewing.   Paula and Ryan hugged and Paula said "you're one of my favorite people."  Ryan said "thank you darling."

Then Ryan said "there's a question I want to ask you and I probably shouldn't ask you on international television ..."

Paula laughed a little and said "then don't ... " Ryan said "but I think it's true. I was told by a little birdie that Simon Cowell -- he's single now" -- Paula mumbled "On No"  as Ryan continued "has called you and actually invited you out on a date." Paula paused and smiled.  She said "there's some truth to it and no truth to it."

Ryan "so he has invited you out for dinner."  Paula said "yes". Ryan said "do you think at the end of the evening Simon will try to sneak a cigarette before he tries to kiss you?  Eeewwwwww.

At that point Ryan almost socked Paula in the mouth with the microphone as Paula answered "I think he'll try to do that. Yes, it's been done before." Paula continued "BUT Simon and I are like oil and vinegar."

Ryan kept pushing by asking Paula "who do you think is more sexually attracted to the other - you to Simon or Simon to you?"   Paula replied "oh boy."  She said "it depends on what shirt he's (Simon) wearing and if there's holes in it."

Then Ryan told Paula to forget the cameras and answer honestly.  He said "have you ever had a dream about being in bed with Simon?"  She said "NO" and he said "honestly?"  and she said "honestly" and he said "Girl Scout's Honor?"  and she said "Girl Scouts honor".

He then asked the same question about Randy and new judge Kara.  Paula answered No and Girl Scout's Honor to Randy and said "No" to Kara although she said they had "been in bed together before.".  Ryan then asked if Paula had dreamed about being in bed with him?  "Yes" he said.  "Whew" he said to her answer "Thank God."

Ryan then told the audience that Paula had recently come by his office with her new music and he really like the second track.  Paula said she was very excited about the new music and it would be "coming out in Mid-March".  Ryan asked if he could "debut it on the radio" and she said "I love you" and "yes you can".

Ryan discussed her gown a little bit further and Paula said "you know how we find new talent on American Idol? Well this is a new designer I discovered."  Ryan pointed out that there chimes on her shoulders and Paula said "you can play my shoulders".

The interview wrapped up with Paula saying "opposites attract" and telling the audience Ryan Seacrest "is the hardest working man in Hollywood".  Ryan said "forever my girl".

After the interview was over I had to close my mouth which was hanging open.  Was it me or was this a truly crazy interview about Simon Crowell?  Or maybe it is planned to stir up interest in the new season?  Afterall, Paula and Simon have been battling since the beginning.  Wouldn't it be interesting if they dated?  Nah.....Just a thought.

Ryan went on to ask Paula "if she ever has had a dream about being in bed with Cowell?" Abdul said no.

How about fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson? Abdul said no.

Newest American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi?

"Girl scout's honour, we've been in bed together," Abdul said.


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