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M.I.A. Ready To Pop At 2009 Grammy Awards

British-Sri Lanka female rapper M.I.A. appeared on the 2009 Grammy Red Carpet.  She stopped by E! Live From The Red Carpet and chatted with Guiliana about her pregnancy.  M.I.A. was wearing a short sassy gown which actually highlighted her nine month baby bump.  She told Guiliana she is actually due today - February 8th.

When asked if she knew the sex of the baby, she said no. Is she going to perform tonight at the show?  She reported it is still uncertain because she is taking it minute to minute and is going to wait and see if she goes into labor before the show or not.

She told the media "people are trying to get me to relax and focus on the baby. It's like being in parallel universes."

Does M.I.A. have a good shot at the golden grammaphone?  No, it will be very tough because she's up against the fabulous Coldplay, UK sensation Leona Lewis, Adele, and Robert Plant.

If M.I.A. does go into birth at the 2009 Grammy Awards she will be setting a new record and will be remembered certainly for her unusual experience.  No live births have ever occurred at The Grammy Awards before.

I guess we will have to see what happens and whether M.I.A. makes it through the entire ceremony without giving birth, whether she wins an award or not and ultimately the sex of her new baby.

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