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Drew Barrymore Has Tongue Piercing

Ellen had Drew Barrymore on her show on Thursday, February 5th.  The interview with Drew was broken into three separate segments and a lot of topics was covered.

Bad Perm Hair Stories

In the first segment, which I already blogged about, Drew and Ellen shared bad hair and bad perm stories and briefly touched on Drew's tongue ring which she has had for nine months now.  Ellen first noticed Drew's tongue ring as being something she noticed as a new accessory that Drew was wearing.  The second segment of Ellen's interview with Drew was all about her tongue ring and her process of getting her tongue pierced.

After a break the camera panned in on Drew, who looked stunning with her buttery blonde hair coiffed into a sleek French Twist, and Ellen chatting away.  When the background music stopped Ellen said "Drew and I are talking about music.  We both love music a lot"  Drew smiled at the audience and said "we're music aficionados."  Ellen mumbled "love Rhianna". Apparently they were talking about their musical likes during the break and Drew was asking Ellen to "hook her up" with some of her favorite music.

The Tongue Thing

Ellen got back into discussing "the tongue thing" with Drew which she had briefly started discussing before a break.

Referring to Drew's tongue ring Ellen asked "how long did it take?  Just quickly." Drew said "oh its nothing. I mean they do it and its done." The funny lady asked "how do they numb it?"  Drew "well they don't." Ellen asked incredulously "they don't numb your tongue?"

Drew said "no, but I swear I'm giving the wrong impression alright you think I blew it...listen would anyone do it if it was that crazy?  It's like tattoos.  It's not a big deal."

Drew continued with her tongue piercing story "but ironically what's funny, they do it and you're like, you think 'why would I ever think twice about not doing this? It didn't hurt at all.' And then the (piercing) guy was "what I didn't tell you is that for like two weeks it will be a little uncomfortable." And I was like 'so it didn't hurt at all getting it, whatever, its fine.'

Tongue Piercing Helped Drew Lose Weight

She continued then "two hours later...she demonstrated her tongue being very swollen.  Uhhh. I know what he's (the guy who got her tongue pierced) talking about.  She told Ellen she "couldn't eat, couldn't drink for two weeks.  A great diet in a weird way. A sick sadistic diet.  But then it was fine I never even think about it."

Of course its true if your tongue is swollen for two weeks solid it would be hard to eat foods that are bad for you.  In fact, if you want to go on a short fast, why not get your tongue pierced first?

Other Side Effects Of Tongue Piercing

Although Drew minimized the challenges with tongue piercing, my dentist warned me that if not put in correctly, a tongue piercing, during the swelling time can cause the ring to cause potential tooth chippings because the tongue does swell so much.

My dentist also said that in rare situations there can be complications and he warned that wearing large tongue rings can definitely cause teeth issues.

Ellen's Tongue Rings For Drew

Ellen told Drew she had some different tongue rings for her as gifts "so you can switch it up."  Ellen continued "you do a lot of press" so she said "I have this for you" and Ellen handed her a tongue ring with "ellen" on it.

Drew laughed and said "thank you".  She also said "and then when they say what's your favorite show"  I'll just.... and Drew stuck her tongue out to demonstrate. Ellen said "yeah".

She then told Drew "this is  Red Carpet If you want something fancier" and Ellen showed Drew a diamond style tongue ring. Drew said "nice".

Preventing Bad Breath With Altoid Tongue Ring

Ellen then said "if you don't have a purse and just want to keep like an Altoid ready. So.  You just open it up" and she opened a tiny Altoid tin with one Altoid inside.  Drew said "oh my god."  She laughed.

Finally Ellen showed Drew a set of matching tongue rings that were split so that two people could wear matching rings.  Ellen told Drew "if I ever get mine done (her tongue pierced) you could wear one half and I could wear the other half. So we could be best friends."

Matching Tongue Rings

Drew seemed to like the two tongue rings which were matching and she told Ellen "I'm going to keep this one".  Ellen did offer to let Drew have both of the rings and give one to a guy she might meet since "she's single".  Drew said she was going to keep that ring.

Tongue Ring Keeping Drew Single?

As Drew mentioned in the first segment with Ellen, she got the tongue piercing and that was "nine months ago" and "she's been single ever since".

Do Tongue Rings Ruin Romance?

What do you think?  Does a tongue help or hurt romantic prospects?  Or does it even make a difference?  One of the reasons Drew may be single is because she is one of the most famous workaholics in Hollywood.  Not only does she still star in shows, she also continues to produce (He's Just Not That Into You) and she directs (did her first film recently with Ellen Pages).

Do you think Drew is single because of her tongue ring or its just an unusual coincidence?

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