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Drew Barry Likes To Rock All Different Hair Colors

The lovely Drew Barrymore recently visited Ellen Degeneres to promote her new movie, He's Just Not That Into You.  When introducing Drew the funnylady reminded her audience that Drew Barrymore has been a movie star since she was seven years old.  During her fabulous interview Drew discussed her ever changing hair colors and her hairstyles.

Sleek Ruby Red Silk Rose Print Dress

Looking really gorgeous in a sleek ruby red silk sleeveless gown with roses and a scoop style neck she danced onto the stage in high heels.  Her hair was a beautiful shade of light baby blonde and coiffed into a sleek French Twist style of updo.  Drew continued dancing with the hostess and appeared to be having lots of fun until the music finally stopped and both women sat down on the stage.

Ellen greeted Drew by saying "its hard when you hear the movie to actually stop and start an interview isn't it"  Drew replied  "I'm one of those people like if I'm in a serious conversation and there's music I'm like aha, yeah, aha (bobbing her head to the music), and you're just like, I feel it (the music), I can't stop.

Ellen said "that's how this whole thing started and it got carried away but that's how it started.  Drew said "it's so refreshing. I love it. Ellen said "You look so fantastic. Drew replied "thank you."

It was obvious that Ellen really enjoyed Drew who is very high energy, funny and very bubbly.

Drew's Blonde Hair Styles

Ellen said to Drew "and now your hair is blonde, I always think of you as a blonde. Cause I guess you transformed into (blonde) easily?

Drew said "I kinda love to rock all different colors. Life is short, try everything, you know.  I'm like."

Ellen then showed a photo of Drew with her 2009 Golden Globes big bouffant hairstyle with her hair very blonde.  Drew looked at the image, smiled, nodded her head and said "yeah."

The hairstyle was very controversial in the media.  Some of the fashionistas loved the look, others did not like it all.  Drew got lots of feedback right after the Golden Globes for that hairstyle.

The audience crowd went nuts when the hairstyle was shown on the screen.  Drew said, "thank you, thank you" to the show's audience and to Ellen.  She continued "I was going for a little Angie Dickenson Police Women." in the  Today we're inspired by Kim Novack."

Explaining her most recent hairstyles from the Golden Globes and on Ellen the actress said "I'm really into the 60s right now. The fashion was so beautiful and its just so much fun to play different characters and have fun with it.  You know?"

Ellen's Bad Perm

Ellen said "the 60s was good, the 70s started going downhill,  80s was a bad, bad decade.  I showed a picture from the 80s.  I'll gladly show it again."  Drew asked about the bad photo of Ellen "where is it?"  Ellen said "right here." Ellen showed a photo of herself in a horrible hair perm. Ellen asked "how horrible is that?

Drew said "Oh my god that's so awesome."  Ellen replied "isn't that horrible?"   Drew disagreed with Ellen.  She said "oh I think. Not only do I think you look pretty.  But that's groovy hair."

Ellen was in disagreement.  She replied "oOh no, it was such a mistake.  We just tried it, my best friend and I.  We did that at the same time.  We both look equally bad.  I won't do that to her I won't show hers."

Drew asked "did you get a perm?" Ellen was incredulous "yes that was a perm.  That's not my hair."  Ellen said to the stagehands regarding the photo of her with really fuzzy hair "get it away, get it away".

Drew's Bad Perm

Drew told Ellen "perms are so scary.  I always got a perm and then."  Ellen said "did you get a perm?"

Drew explained "again it was the 80s I looked like a poodle in heat I was so excited. I seriously, I got this one perm that went all awry, and then the girls did these frosty tips on my hair so I looked like a poodle who had gotten ice cream frosting all over and shook out and was like caught in the headlights."

Drew continued with her bad hair story "and then the girls are like maybe we should try some bangs. I have this huge cowlick (in the front of my hairline) and it was doink (she showed her hair flopping over in front in two big pieces).  And I mean I never cried so hard in my life. I looked.  It was the biggest hair disaster I ever had."

Ellen said "did you know it right away? Or did you have to look back?"

Drew shook her head "even worse I had to pay for it and say thank you."  She said "it was like thanks alike for the next three months I'm going to be so miserable."

Ellen said "isn't that horrible though?  I think everyone's gone through it where you've actually sat in a chair for hours to wait for somebody to do something and you can't say "wow that's bad". You're worried about hurting the person's feelings and they're ruined your life."

Drew agree about not being able to tell the hairdresser at the salon they have just ruined your hair.  She said "the people pleaser in you doesn't want to" she demonstrating whipping and choking them.  Drew said and "now I'm going to have image problem for the next three months. You're just going to go onto the next client".  The actress said "I know I'm such a people pleaser that way."

Ellen's Birthday Party

Ellen changed the topic from bad hair and pointed to Drew's tongue.  She said "I noticed this" and proceeded to say at the recent joint birthday party Ellen and Portia had at their home.

Drew said "it was a fun party."  Ellen explained to the audience "she (Drew) came to Portia and my joint birthday party.

Drew said "My friends and I thank you.  I got to invited my friends. Ken, Robin and Eddie.  We all came. We got dressed up" because we were like "oh fabulous fun party."  Drew told Ellen about the party "it was such a good energy. We were all commenting on (on the energy)."  She said "it was celebratory and fun but this great calm just sorta safe feeling around."

Ellen said "oh good, I thought it was a good party."

Drew's Tongue Ring

Ellen said to Drew "so I noticed this the other night" (at the party). How long how this thing been? Its on your tongue.  How long has it been there.

Drew said "nine months.  I got it and I've been single every since. So. I luckily did it for myself and ah, I always wanted to get one. I played this kind of rock and roll butt kicking girl in Charlie's Angels and my character Dillion oh she is so cool.  I should get a tongue ring. I didn't have the guts."

She explained she got the guts to get the tongue ring because "I just directed my first film. Whip It with Ellen Page and she finds her tribe in an Austin roller derby league."  Drew explained "I play one of the roller derby girls." and it was so much fun.  They had to work out together and train together and it was a really great experience.

While she was involve din the whole roller derby thing she said to herself "now's my change I'm just going to do it."  She said she "plays this character Smashly Simpson." Because everyone has these fierce character names for their roller derby girls.

Drew said "my character's a loose cannon.  On the track if anyone messes with her.   Its like the Hanson Brothers in Slapshot  She's one of those tough characters."  So Drew said  I decided "I'm just going to do it and I did."

So Drew did it.  She got a tongue piercing on the middle of her tongue.

No surprise. After watching the interview with Ellen it explains why Drew wears her hair in all different colors and hairstyles and why she would get a tongue piercing.

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