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Spoiler Alerts From He's Just Not That Into You Movie

When you blog as often as I do - sometimes 10 times a day - you have to constantly replenish new information.  Therefore I justified my need to be one of the first in Dallas to see the new flick - He's Just Not That Into You (HJNTIY).

First and foremost, this is not a true chick flick.  There is definitely some themes males will find interesting, if not somewhat sympathetic.  However, nothing gets blown up, there are no aliens, space ships or guns and there is only a brief - very brief - mention of male bathroom habits.  So from that point, yes, it's definitely chick-flick like.

Great Cast

The cast is great if you like Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connolly, Ben Affleck, Justin Long, Bradley Cooper and Kevin Connolly.  If you look quickly you will also see brief cameos by actress Busy Phillips, Kris Kristofferson, Sasha Alexander and Brooke Bloom who plays Paige, Jennifer Aniston's younger sister who gets married.

Jennifer, Ginnifer and Jennifer vs. Scarlett and Drew

Jennifer Aniston, Connolly and Ginnifer Goodwin play good friends who work together.  I was a little unsure of what type of work they were doing but guessed it was either an advertising agency or possibly a publishing company.  Where they worked was irrelevant.

Although Jennifer Aniston injected a few random opinions about male/female interactions, it was mostly Ginnifer and Jennifer Connolly who discussed Ginnifer's latest male obsession.

Meanwhile at the spa and the grocery store Drew and Scarlett chat about men and true love.

Jennifer Aniston & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Aniston as Beth is a little bit older, more beautiful Rachel Green who wears her hair sleek, straight and perfectly highlighted.  Her hairdresser for the film is her longtime hair guru, Chris McMillan.  He does a great job.

Ben Affleck, who I normally really like, has a relatively small part and is somewhat lackluster as Neil, Beth's longtime love who is allergic to marriage.  He seems relatively blase about getting dumped when he refuses to commit after seven years.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Every woman has had a least one, if not more, of these type of girlfriends.  Ginnifer as Gigi is wonderful as a desperate female wanting a love relationship in the worst way.  She is a central character in theHJNTIY film and suffers all the embarrassing agonies of being a dating stalker.

She takes all the desperate actions ranging from checking her phone every few seconds to just "dropping by" the bar where her last blind date just happens to hang out.  You are embarrassed for her.  At least I was.  And you hope, at least I did, you never acted even remotely as goofy as she does in this film.

Luckily Ginnifer as Gigi persists and finally gets it together in the end. I personally love Ginnifer in Big Love and adore her equally in this film.  She is cute, funny and a potential BFF, once she loses the desperate attitude.  There's nothing worse than a pathetic stalker.

Justin Long As Alex

I think Justin Long surprised me the most as Alex the self-assured bar owner.  Justin is great as Gigi's newfound guy friend who takes her under his wing and advises her about all the guys that just really aren't into her.

He convinces her to stop stalking guys and warns her about the guy who's really not going out of town to Pittsburgh.  In the end it Gigi who teaches Alex the best lessons about love and romance.

Jennifer Connolly

The Oscar winner plays Janine who appears to be happily married, even thinking about converting the extra room in the house into a nursery.  What she doesn't know is that she's not that happily married after all.  In fact, the hot Bradley Cooper, who plays Jennifer's husband is lusting after Scarlett the hot yoga teacher.

Bradley Cooper

I remember Bradley as Will Tippin in Alias but when did he turn into such a hottie?  I did a double take when I saw him as Ben in HJNTIY.

I was stunned, those blue eyes, that great hair and sizzling body.  When did Will turn into this sexy guy?  The interesting question is whether or not he had a happy ending or not?  Only you can decide whether he gets the ending he wants.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson as Anna is breathtakingly beautiful as a blonde with long loose ringlets which show off her prefect alabaster skin and sky blue eyes.  Scarlett is sizzling hot and in her role manages to break the heart of two different guys while managing to have a hot affair and teach yoga classes.

Kevin Connolly

The Entourage hottie who plays Conor has women like Ginnifer Goodwin falling all over him while he is lusting after Scarlett Johansson who is lusting after Bradley Cooper who is just way too hot for his own good.  Kevin does a great job of playing someone who is different from his normal Eric.

Drew Barrymore

Drew as Mary is cute but I personally don't like her as a brunette and think she looks so much better as a blonde.  Since she was also the producer of the film she has limited screen time although manages to wind up with one of the main guys although I can't tell you who or I will really spoil it for you.

Male And Female Relationships

The entire film was based on a line in the popular Sex And The City series when Miranda figures out that a guy is "just not that into her".  That line became a very popular theory about male and female relationships.  From the line evolved a book and from there a movie was born.

I sincerely enjoyed the movie and could relate to all of the characters, having known all of them at some point in my life.  However, I think the premise of the film is a little bit thin which made the plot developments light.

If you can watch the movie for pure entertainment value and you are interested in male/female relationship dynamics, you will probably enjoy the film.

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