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Long Blonde Tresses On Beth Riesgraf Rocks TNTs Leverage

If you haven't watched TNT's Leverage you need to stop what you're doing and set it up on your TIVO, VCR or whatever you use to record shows.  If you don't record, then you need to set your clock and watch the show.

(Image of Beth Riesgraf from TNT - Leverage - All Rights Reserved).

Yes, Timothy Hutton is great and so is the rest of the case.  There's not a single character I don't like.  However, supporting actress Beth Riesgraf is amazing.

Who is she?  I never saw her before but she has actually been around the acting block since 2000 doing guest roles.

On Leverage Beth Riegraf plays Parker, an upper-echelon cat burglar who loves climbing walls and sticking her claws into other people's things.

She is fantastic and someone you would definitely want to hang out with.

Beth is also beautiful with gorgeous butter blonde tresses which are worn long and lush past her shoulders.  She wears a well defined fringe and has lovely waves which are sometimes hidden by her assorted caps and hats on the show.  In one episode she pretended to be a policewoman and kept her hat on the entire time.

As Parker the lovely blonde also likes to wear hair accessories which also gave her instant kudos in my eyes.  In on episode she wore a very cute thin black leather style headband worn several inches back from her fringe area.  It was stunning and contrasted nicely with her blonde tresses.

I am already a big fan of TNT's shows like The Closer and Grace Under Fire.  It's nice to have yet another great show from this network to hook into.

Leverage which airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET has just been picked up for a second season.  It was announced on February 2, 2009 in a press release that TNT had ordered several more episodes of the popular show.

Part of the popularity of the show is definitely tied to the very colorful cast of characters, each of whom is more assured of their snatching skills than the next.

12 Step Job

So far my favorite episode with Beth who has a son with Jason Lee from their previous engagement was the most recent show where the team has to go into a rehab facility to work on getting back funds that were stolen from a food bank.  Beth was hilarious in the episode and beyond edgy.  Her role is a laugh-out-loud, what will she do next type of character.

Even though Beth has gorgeous hair, it works with her role.  I only hope she or the show's hairdresser continues to showcase her stunning waves and keeps adding some hair accessories to complete her look.  Appropriately of course but you get my drift.

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