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Bowl Hair Cut

The bowl hair cut is both loved and hated by men and women alike.  In addition, the bowl hair cut has a long history with some famous models.

(Image to the side of a bowl style hair cut created in 2009 - Courtesy of KMS Products - all rights reserved).

A lot of information is available about the bowl hair cut which is sometimes referred to as a mushroom cut, beach cut, pot haircut and sometimes it is cut in a combined way as to have long blunt cut full bangs with a rounded bob.

A traditional bowl hair cut usually is cut so that the ends of the hairstyle hang over the bottom of the earlobes.

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In some cases the cut may be longer or shorter depending on whether the hairstyle is for a man or for a woman.

To provide the rounded shape, the hair is cut shorter along the sides and the back but is cut to be much longer on the top.  Along the front the bangs are usually worn slightly below the eyebrows, especially on women.

Moe Howard of the Three Stooges was famous for his version of a bowl cut which altered between different lengths. In the UK a bowl hair cut is also known as a pudding basin haircut.

Bowl Hair Cut Named For At-Home Cut Method

The style was given the name "bowl" hair cut because it often was cut at home by putting a large chili bowl or round pot on a person's head and trimming around the edges. For males the neck along the back and sides might be shaven.  The bowl cut was considered an inexpensive cut for those who could not afford to visit a barber or hairdresser but did not want to completely shave their heads.

The bowl cut is also common amongst the Amish people.  It became popular in the United States in the 1980s.  Although it has some similarities to the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle, that style is known as a stacked hairstyle due to the way it has stacked layers in back.

Bowl Haircut Coming Back?

Is the bowl haircut coming back instyle?  It is very possible.  Blunt bangs worn very heavy and longer than the top of the eyebrows have come back.  Hairstyles from the eras of the past have also made a resurgence including Beehive hairstyles, rolls and bouffants.

Traditional bob haircuts are being merged with blunt style bangs and cut in a rounded manner to give lots of bowl style flow and movement.

It is definitely a strong possibility that the bowl haircut will be popular for 2009 for both men and women.

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