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Pickard China Partners With Internationally Acclaimed Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler

The oldest American manufacturer of fine china, Pickard China, announces its partnership with internationally acclaimed interior designer and tastemaker, Kelly Wearstler, for her premiere dinnerware collection, set for an introduction at retail in Fall 2009.

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Considered one of our generation's most influential interior designers, Wearstler is highly praised for her trend-setting designs.

Pickard China is a vaunted family-owned business with more than a century of experience in manufacturing high-quality fine china; the brand is world renowned for its traditional banded patterns of 24-karat gold, platinum and lavish hues.

Both partners share an appreciation for luxury goods and a signature ability to design and produce at a very high level. This collaboration is expected to bring a whole new dimension to Pickard China and its customers.

The Kelly Wearstler for Pickard collection will be offered exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus locations, expanding to specialty stores in early 2010.  This introduction marks firsts for both partners: Pickard's venture into a more modern design genre, and Wearstler's debut dinnerware collection.

Representing a remix of the traditional and modern, the collection taps into a strong consumer trend while capitalizing on Pickard's legacy and Wearstler's foresight into "what's next" in interior and product design.

"Pickard has embarked on a concerted effort to broaden its design focus, in order to continue to build upon its tradition of classic, timeless patterns with a modern luxe influence and reach a younger affluent demographic. Kelly Wearstler is the perfect partner for us to achieve our goals," said Andrew Morgan, President of Pickard China.

"I have been collecting fine china for many years, and it has been an amazing process to finally translate my ideas into my own dinnerware collection. Pickard has an excellent reputation in the luxury market, making them an ideal fit to uphold my vision," said Kelly Wearstler.

A blend of American tradition and unabashed eclecticism, The Kelly Wearstler for Pickard collection boasts a mélange of styles and patterns ranging from organic to graphic, traditional to modern and delicate to bold. Four china patterns - Trousdale, Hillcrest, Pickfair and Mulholland - are unified by a delicate color palette of soft neutrals and precious metals - shades of charcoal gray, sand, ivory, metallic gold and platinum - set on a porcelain base. Each pattern features an elegant gold detail or highlight, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.


Trousdale was inspired by the delicate lacquer work of the Art Deco movement and the minimalism of Japanese art. A subtle gradation of gold dots delicately decorates this pattern, which is set in a palette of metallic gold and ivory.


At once modern and timeless, Hillcrest is a unique pattern evocative of sea anemones and the stylized florals of the 1920's. The delicate linework and graceful forms are rendered in a soft metallic gold.


Pickfair is a dynamic interpretation of a flame stitch (or chevron) pattern, yet it becomes more graceful when translated in muted hues of soft grey, mica and gold. A striking and classic design, Pickfair is designed to be layered and mixed with all the other pieces in the collection.


Mulholland features platinum and gold stripes that overlap and appear to wrap around each piece. Inspired by modern art, Mulholland is a graphic pattern that mixes well with the more decorative patterns to create a vibrant and unique place setting.

All pieces in the Kelly Wearstler for Pickard collection are sold individually and may be mixed and matched to create a unique table setting, ideal for both formal and everyday occasions. Each pattern is available as follows: dinner plate, soup bowl, small cereal bowl, cup and saucer and a charger or large serving bowl. The collection ranges from $75 for a salad plate to $350 for a serving bowl. The entire collection is dishwasher safe.

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