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Glee's Corey Monteith Is Living A Crazy Life All Of A Sudden

On Friday, February 18th Ellen Degeneres had Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) from Glee as a guest on her show.  Before Cory came out on stage to greet Ellen she showed a clip of the Canadian actor on a recent show dedicated in part to Justin Bieber songs.

The popular actor burst onto Ellen's stage wearing a chocolate brown short leather style jacket on top of dusty gray slacks and a matching shirt.  He looked cute as always with his chocolate brown hair worn medium length with a hint of waves and curls.

Cory is living a wild and crazy life which includes a recent Grammy Nomination, a trip to the Super Bowl and a trip to London where he met Prince Harry.  Cory shared some of his latest crazy experiences with Ellen and her audience.

Grammy Nomination For Best Pop Group Vocals

The comedian started the interview by congratulating Cory and the cast of Glee for being nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Group Vocals. Ellen's audience started clapping and cheering for Cory at the news about his Grammy nomination.

Cory said to the audience "thank you so much for cheering for me, but we didn't win."  Ellen said "it doesn't matter.  "It doesn't matter if you won or not.  You got nominated for a Grammy." Cory told Ellen "it was literally the most shocking experience, to start singing on the show (Glee). Like, I never sang before Glee.  And to be nominated for a Grammy was like "reallllly?"

Ellen agree with Cory "that's a fast-track".  Cory said "yes, that's a pretty quick track."  Ellen said "I remember you were just in Canada driving down going 'I've never sung" and you were "more of a drummer.  Right?"  Cory said "yes, yes."

She asked "was that your first time going to the Grammys?"  Cory said "that was my first time at the Grammys. I went to a party beforehand or something, but had never actually been to the real Grammys, I mean.  And I was like 'okay' and I was sitting right behind all of these huge stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z and like everybody.  And I was like 'what's happening?' We were all in the 6th and 7th rows."  Ellen said "those are good seats."  Cory said "it was crazy." He said "I was like 'what is going on?' it was insane, it was insane.  So cool."

Ellen asked Cory "of all of the performances (at the Grammys) who did you like best?"  Cory said "well I mean, I saw Mick Jagger.  He was there."   He said to the audience "I mean he killed it, right?  He was so good."  Cory repeated "he was so good, there he is" as an image of Mick Jagger singing was shown.

Cory said "yeah, I know, it was so cool just watching this guy.  He's been like controlling stadium sized audiences for years.  And to be that close to see him, yeah.  It was really fun."

First NFL Game - Super Bowl XLV

Ellen said "what a life you're having, this is happening so fast, your first football game, you go to the Superbowl?" Cory laughed and said "Super Bowl XLV was my first NFL game."

The comedian teased him  by saying "and you play a quarterback (on Glee), and yet you've never been to a real football game?"  The actor said "yeah.  Yes, so it's kinda ironic. That was my first football game."

She asked if he's into football now?  He said "I'm learning, I'm from Canada. I'm a bit of a hockey fan, so I'm still learning the football thing."  The live audience cheered.  Cory I said "I don't know if you're cheering because I'm from Canada or because I'm a football fan?"  Ellen said "either way."

Meeting John Travolta

Ellen said "It's a fun game, if you get into football you'll find you really like it."  The actor said "this Super Bowl was honestly the best football experience I could have. I met some really crazy people and it was amazing."  Ellen said "everybody in the world was there." The Glee actor said "I met John Travolta at the Super Bowl and I was like....dude, there it is, there's the photo." A photo of Cory with John Travolta at the Super Bowl was shown.

The actor explained he was so excited to meet Travolta because "when I was young I went to the movie, has anyone see Broken Arrow? Remember that movie?"

He said "I saw that movie 23 times. In the theater."  He said "and me and my one friend went over and over again, and watched this movie.  And sometimes we paid and sometimes we didn't. And we would yell the lines of the movie at the screen and people would be leaving and people would be like calling us names."

Cory said and when I met him (John Travolta) at the Super Bowl, I was like 'I've got to tell you something. I saw the movie Broken Arrow 23 times.' He told Ellen "which he (John Travolta) was in with Christian Slater."   He said John Travolta said 'really? Wow!"  Cory said Travolta was "super excited."  Ellen asked "did you yell the lines at him?"  Cory laughed "no, no I didn't."  He said "I forget them now, but it was really fun."

Cory With Prince Harry Of England

Ellen asked and "there's a picture of you with Prince Harry?" Ellen said "he wasn't at the Super Bowl. Where was this?"

Cory explained "in the crazy life I'm having all of a sudden, I was filming a movie called Monte Carlo which I think comes out this Summer. We were shooting in Monaco and it was my last weekend. I was like 'I have to go somewhere special, it's my last weekend in Europe.'"

He decided 'so I'm going to go to London.' He explained "I always wanted to go to London. And so I got on the plane, went to London. And wound up at a music festival. Which was in Hyde Park. And I was walking around in one of those sorta fenced off areas behind the stage. Our guy (from Glee) Rob Stringer from Columbia Records was kind of showing me around. And Rob said 'do want to meet the Prince?' Cory said "I was like, sure I want to meet the Prince."

The actor explained "the Prince was playing cards with a bunch of his friends at this table." Ellen asked Cory"did he know who you were? Does he watch Glee?"  He said "he  had no idea.  No idea whatsoever."

Cory said "and I was like, it's really good to meet you. And I asked for a photo and he was like 'yeah, okay sure.' Cory said "but, he was cool. He was a nice guy."

And so it goes for the Glee star.  A Grammy nomination, a trip to the Super Bowl, a chat with John Travolta, a new movie shot in Monaco and posing with a Prince.  Can it get any crazier than that?  Only time will tell.

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