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Blonde Dakota Fanning Joins Twilight Cast?

Dakota Fanning With Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Dakota Fanning Joins Twilight Cast?

The media is buzzing with the news that blossoming teen star Dakota Fanning is contemplating signing on the dotted line to join the famous Twilight Cast for the next film which is tentatively titled New Moon.

Note: Dakota did accept the part of Jane and appeared in the New Moon film.

Twilight Star fans are equally divided on the appropriateness of Dakota joining the cast, especially in the role she is said to assume, which is Jane.

Some of Dakota Fanning fans believe taking on the sadistic Volturi guard role could seriously damage both the Twilight character and her own very successful acting career.

Other believe Dakota is too high profile to play what is considered a bit part in the movie.  They worry about Dakota overshadowing the other more important characters in the Twilight series.

Playing Evil Vampire Is Cool

When interviewed about the prospect of joining Twilight Dakota has defended herself in the role and is quoted on  as saying ""I think just playing an evil vampire is really cool," she says. "If I got to do [New Moon], that'd probably be the most fun part."

Dakota Fanning

The high-profile sequel would mark a huge departure from Fanning's typical roles, casting her as a sadistic Volturi guard who has the power to inflict immense pain on those who cross her.

Fun To Be Person You Hate

She was quoted on as saying about the potential role "It's definitely something that I look forward to," she said. "I think you have to do all kinds [of roles], and eventually I am going to be the person you hate in a movie. And that's the fun thing about acting: You can be sweet and be mean at the same time in different films."

Dakota Has Grown Up In Public

Dakota Fanning

The 5'2" actress whose nickname is "Kota" was born February 23, 1994 as Hannah Dakota Fanning in Georgia.  She made her TV acting debut on ER in 2000 playing the character of Delia Chadsey.

Before that point she won the role in a major Tide commercial beating out literally many other children for the role.

Because her career in acting appeared to be preordained, her family picked up and moved from Georgia to Los Angeles in order to help Dakota further her career.

Breakthrough Acting Role In I Am Sam

Her big breakthrough in film was in the 2001 'I Am Sam' role with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Her role as Lucy Diamond Dawson was widely praised blowing open the doors for Dakota to grab a long line of impressive roles with actors and actresses such as Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Cruise. She also was featured in Taken with a major role.

Dakota Fanning

As a result of her great acting in I Am Sam the actress became the youngest person to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG) for her supporting performance in the film in 2001.

Her acting resume became one of the most impressive for a child actress in Hollywood at the time and she developed a reputation as being hard working, dedicated and delightful to work with.  She made friends with many of the directors, producers and actors on the various sets she worked on.

Dakota And Ellen Degeneres

She played a young Ellen on The Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres in 2001.  Ironically Dakota and Ellen seem to have a strong connection with Dakota appearing as a guest on Ellen's talk show starting in 2003.

Dakota also appeared on the show in 2008 and Ellen gave her driving lessons to prepare her for when Dakota can drive.  During her visit on Ellen in 2008 Dakota talked about being a cheerleader at her high school and her new found interest in boys.

Dakota, who learned to read at age 2, told Ellen she really enjoyed going to high school and was definitely looking forward to when she would turn 16 and could drive.

Because of her busy acting career until recently Dakota was home schooled or attended classes while on-set for her various movies.

Very Busy Actress

Dakota Fanning As Jane

Dakota has been very busy with her acting career from the moment it caught fire and she continues to take every advantage.  She has two new movies at the theater - Push and Coraline.

Both are expected to be successes due to the huge fan base that Dakota has built up throughout the years.

Will that huge fan base transfer successfully to her role in Twilight?  The reactions to Dakota becoming one of the bad guys, after years of playing the good girl, is mixed.

Some fans believe Dakota could overshadow the next Twilight movie with her fame.  Others believe she is too blonde and too much of a star to take over the small role.

What do you think?  Should Dakota Fanning sign on to be in the next Twilight movie?  Or do you think she is better off following the career path which has worked so well for her up to this point?

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