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Ryan Seacrest's Latest Girlfriend?

American Idol's Ryan Seacrest has had a crazy life lately.  He has been recently dissed on Ellen by Nicollette Sheridan who was not thrilled when Ellen suggested the two singles date.

On the Red Carpet at the 2009 Golden Globes he was first teased by Alec Baldwin about appearing on some magazine covers with women and then publicly snubbed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they brushed right by him refused to chat with him.  Of course after the famous Brangelina snub the media made sure to point it out.

Ryan was also the recent butt of jokes on Jimmy Kimmel by funnylady Kathy Griffin and was called out by Perez Hilton.  I' m not sure if Perez likes Ryan or not but he highlighted some of his recent misfortunes with various celebrities.

Even though Ryan has been getting some sand kicked in his face, he manages to come out ahead.  As reported by the February 2, 2009 issue of Star Magazine, Ryan has a new girlfriend.  She's a stunner.  The blonde and very beautiful Sara Jean Underwood was Playboy's Playmate of the Year.  Ryan and Sara were seen together in St. Bart's during New Year's on a getaway.

I know Ellen will be disappointed because she's been trying to set Ryan up lately on her daytime talk show.  However, it seems Ryan is doing just fine in the dating department.  The new Ryan/Sara couple were first spotted getting very cozy while eating together at Le Ti on the exotic island of St. Barts.  The 34 year old Ryan and the 24 year old Sara were also heating up the Casa Nikki supper club later in the evening.

Over twenty years ago I was on the island of St. Barts having traveled there via The White Octopus which was a combo large sailboat and a catamaran.  At the time I visited St. Barts it was very exotic but also underdeveloped.  I am sure it has changed dramatically over the years but I would love to go back and compare notes to what it was like where I was there in the past. looks like Ryan is no longer in need of a new girlfriend.  Someone needs to send the memo to Ellen so she can stop trying to fix him up.

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