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Jessica Simpson Big Hair At 2009 Chili Cookoff In Florida

Jessica Simpson's little sister Ashlee Simpson Wentz recently grabbed media attention by posting a defense of her big sister.  Ashlee maintains a blog and posted an entry addressing all the recent press about Jessica's curves.

It seems Jessica performed at a chili cook off in Florida and was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a sleeveless top which highlighted her curves in a different way.  The media took the story and ran with it.

(Jessica Simpson at Chili Cookoff in Florida - 1-25-09 - WEN - All Rights Reserved).

As we all known, the media is obsessed with weight (plus or minus), especially on celebrities.  Celebrities are buzzed about when they are too thin or if they develop obvious curves.

I actually have a friend who had an opportunity to potentially date a celebrity recently.  She chose not to get involved with him because she told me "I'm not a skinny girl so I really don't want my backside to be the topic of thousands of websites and blogs if I date this man".  Sad but true.

Hmmm.  I can totally see her point.  I would hate that too.

Can you imagine how the celebrities feel?  Well if you can't imagine it, check out what Ashlee has to say in defense of her gorgeous older sister.

Me?  I really don't pay attention to the ups and downs of the scale either personally or on the bodies of other people.  I don't care.

What I do care about is their hair, their makeup, their handbags (one of my secret addictions) and their shoes.

I care who their celebrity hairdresser is, if they have been recently featured on the Sugar sites (my fav go-to blog pleasures) or if I can find photos of Jess I can legally download.

(Image of Jessica Simpson - December 2009 Fragrance Launch - - All Rights Reserved).

I have personally known Jessica Simpson for over five years.  In fact, the first day I met her I discovered she was a spokesperson for Chuy's restaurant in Dallas.

Jessica's dad told me the group (at the photo shoot) - Jess, her lovely parents, her grandparents, Karan her make-up person, Kenney Paves (her hairdresser) and some of the people on the shoot were going to go to Chuy's for dinner but Jessica was on a strict food plan and had to watch what she could eat. I honestly felt bad for her.  Chuy's has amazing Tex-Mex food which is a speciality here in Dallas.

There she was in a Seventeen spa robe (for Seventeen Magazine) looking very svelte and incredibly gorgeous but she had to watch what she ate.  Yes, I know.  She's a celebrity and that's part of the price of fame but I still feel bad for her.  I admired Ashlee for speaking up for her big sister.  How cool is that to have a sister that is always in your corner?

Now that I've mentioned all the current media, I want to confess when I saw the photos of Jessica in Florida all I cared about was her gorgeous waves and curls.  She had so much spectacular volume along the crown and her hair was incredibly stunning.

My question about Jessica at the Florida cook off was not about what she was wearing - although those hoops were very cute - but who did her hair?  I know sometimes Kenney Paves can't travel with her so he "pre-designs" her hairstyles for public appearances or performances and then her hairstylist who travels with her will recreate the look.

(Image of Jessica Simpson with 23" Wavy Hairdo Clip-in Extension - - All Rights Reserved).

I am also wondering if Jess was wearing her a Hairdo piece.  Afterall, Jessica and Ken collaborated to create the Ken Paves/Jessica Simpson Hairdo line which is spectacular.

I was very lucky to attend the first shoot Ken and Jessica did for Hairdo.  The line is beautiful and the good folks at HairUWear continue to work with Ken and Jessica to create new offerings.   Jessica faithfully wears the Hairdo line for many of her performances and personal appearance events.

As far as the media buzz about her curves?  I think Jessica looks gorgeous regardless of her body.  Her hair is always nothing short of spectacular.  Seriously, have you ever seen Jessica have a bad hair day?

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