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Celeb Hairstylist Philip Kingsley Common Hair Myth

Philip Kinglsey is recognized, especially in England, as one of the leading authorities in healthy hair.  Philip is what is known as a tricologist and he had dedicated his life to helping both celebrities and non-celebrities find the answers to their hair concerns.

Philip is well-known on the Red Carpets, the catwalks and amongst other hair professionals who respect his lifelong dedication to the study of hair.

Philip provides hard core answers to common hair consumer questions.  One common question is whether switching shampoo on a regular basis makes hair healthier or not.  Philip believes it does not make a difference whether you switch up shampoo or not.  As far back as 2000 Philip told the readers of Good Housekeeping that it was a myth that hair could become healthier if shampoo was switched up on a regular basis.

Why?  According to Philip hair can't tell the difference between brands or develop a preference.  The only time Philip, who is based in London, recommends using different shampoo products is if you use lots of styling products you should alternate clarifying products.

While I mostly agree with Philip about hair not being able to tell the difference between brands, I personally believe my own hair does better when I follow a rotation pattern.  I don't use a lot of styling products and my hair is not oily.  In fact, my hair which is very long (and thus old, especially at the ends) has different needs depending on the time of the year, whether I have a cold or the flu, if I have lots of energy or have been outside more frequently.

Sometimes my hair just feels more dry and crunchy which means I either Condition Wash (CO) only, pre-treat with Beautiful Hair Oil (BHO) or do a heavy shampoo to warm water dilution.  I also like to play with pigmented shampoo and conditioning products like the ones from Paul Mitchell and I adore the Ken Paves Color Drops for my rinse-out and leave-in conditioners.

Bottom line, while I have tremendous respect for Philip as a master hairdresser and hair expert, I still believe that every hair consumer, no matter who they are, should find their own "best" path to healthy hair.  If a hair consumer believes switching out their shampoo on a regular basis makes their hair look and feel better, then they should switch it up.

Yes, always listen to popular hair wisdom.  I personally never discount anything any hair expert or hair consumer suggests, but ultimately I found the path of hair care and hair product use that my hair responds best to.

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