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Tina Fey Wins 2009 Golden Globe For 30 Rock

Tina Fey looked absolutely gorgeous with lots of bouncy curls and waves in a short sassy gown as she approached the stage to accept her award for Oustanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series.  Tina Fey plays the quirky and hilarious Liz Lemon on 30 Rock which is on NBC.

Tina's speech was funny and she dedicated her Actor award to her daughter Alice who is three years old.  She mentioned that Alice had somehow gotten the idea it was fun to dress up as politicians.  She noted how Alice would say the funniest things, including the fact that Alice would say she looked like Obama.

Her reference to acting like politicians was a nod to her own work on Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin.

Tina said Alice is "the funniest person in my family".

Although her speech was obviously well planned and rehearsed, Tina ended her acceptance by saying about her daughter Alice "some day she'll be old enough to watch 30 Rock reruns on the Internet and understand where Mommy was going at 6:00 am every day for all that time.  And she'll look up at me and say "What do you mean you don't get residuals for this?"

Tina was making her own political statement about the ongoing internal fight within the SAG Membership over whether or not to strike in response to the latest actor's contract negotiations.  The SAG Members are sharply divided whether to take the current contract offers on the table or walk out.  One of the sticking points is whether actors will receive ongoing residuals for shows playing on new media such as the Web.

Although the in-fighting over the contracts was not obvious to most viewers, there had been some tensions played out via emails in the weeks and days leading up to the SAG Awards show.

Regardless of her jabs at the SAG contract negotiations, Tina was lovely, funny and definitely deserving for her Actor statue.  Tina very recently won the Golden Globes for her work as Liz Lemon and is having a fabulous year.

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