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Ken Paves On Eva Longoria 2009 Stunning SAG Updo Hairstyle

Eva Longoria looked absolutely breathtaking at the 2009 SAG awards. Everything about Eva was complete perfection from her gown to her eye popping updo.

(Image Of Eva Longoria Parker at 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

I caught up with her longtime Super Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves (just back in LA from judging the Miss America Pageant) who designed her spectacular hairstyle after he saw her gown. Ken said "when I first saw Eva's dress, I felt it had a very elegant, glamorous, yet current feeling".

Ken noted he "wanted to play up Eva's natural waves and add some Grace Kelly flair" Ken laughed and said he wanted to create "Grace Kelly "Longoria".

Ken pointed out "it's important to never let the inspiration take over the look, a woman must always be herself, confident and true, just inspired by.......

Ken's Steps For Creating Eva Longoria's 2009 SAG Award Hairstyle

Ken graciously shared his secrets for creating Eva's hairstyle. He said "I began by using a volumizer on her partially air dried hair to create texture. I then tussled her hair with my fingers while I blew it dry; again to encourage her natural texture.

Wanting the hair to have an effortless feeling, I allowed it to part in it's natural direction to the side. Once her hair was dry, I worked from her tussled, natural texture using a small 3/4" curling iron.

I wanted a very natural texture, so I kept the sections random and allowed each section to hang loose and stretch while it cooled. I curled everything down and away from the part. I then coated my hands with shine serum and ran them through her hair from roots to ends to break up the wave. I finished the texture by brushing it out considerably with a mixed bristle Mason Pearson Brush.

Once the texture was loose enough and looked effortless, I pulled the hair back and loosely held it in place with my fingers while I pinned it with bobby pins. It is important to create a flattering shilouette and shape tailored to each individual. I finished with some hair spray for hold.

The key to this "Old Hollywood Movie Star with a modern twist" look is to look as if you did it yourself and it took no time at all, true glamor appears effortless!

She is always willing to try something new and have fun. We laugh alot...alot!! It is truly effortless. She didn't look in the mirror until the last ten minutes. These last minute adjustments are the most important so that it becomes a collaborative look that a woman feels is uniquely her own!"

The key to this "Old Hollywood Movie Star with a modern twist" look is to look as if you did it yourself and it took no time at all, true glamor appears effortless!

Ken said "Eva is a spokesperson for and loves L'Oreal products, I am too a fan as well I use my Ken Paves Healthy Hair collection".

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