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Hugh Laurie Wins 2009 SAG And Thanks Crafts Services

Looking incredibly dapper British actor Hugh Laurie was interviewed live on the Red Carpet on his way into the 2009 SAG Awards.  Hugh was wearing a formal tuxedo with a stark white shirt and a black bow tie.  His hair was short and neatly finished.  He looked relaxed and elegant.  He appeared to have arrived at the SAG Awards by himself.

The British actor was asked by the E! interviewer how it was to "rub elbows" with all the stars on the Red Carpet.  The ever sarcastic Hugh said "you're rubbing more than that" implying that everyone was bumping other body".  Hugh pointed out that the Red Carpet was very crowded.

Ability To Do Dr. House Medical Procedures

When asked if he could actually do the medical procedures he performs as Dr. House he said that he could do the procedures in the first hour right after he learns the lines.

He explained he absorbs a lot (of knowledge) and remembers it all for about one hour.  Then he completely forgets everything he learned.  Hugh said after the information leaves his brain it would dangerous for him to do any medical procedure of any kind.

Hugh was asked when he was "his surliest".  He said "I'm my surliest when I'm alive."  He said "I try not to be surly."

SAG Nomination

Hugh Laurie was nominated for a 2009 SAG Award as Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in House.  Competing against Hugh was Michael C. Hall for his role in Dexter, Jon Hamm in Mad Men, William Shatner and James Spader both in Boston Legal.

Betting $100 On James Spader To Win

When Hugh's name was announced as the winner of the 2009 SAG he seemed very pleased.  He bounded up to the podium and said "this is amazing."  He joked "I actually had a $100 on James Spader.  This is just not my night".

This was Hugh's (aka Dr. House's) second consecutive "Actor" statue for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

He became more serious and continued his speech by saying "seven years ago I was making a film in the desert."  "Against the advice of my agent, who was convinced that the more films you do the harder it is to break into television"  I took this role.

An Incredible Character Who Could Go The Distance

Hugh said "and I got a few pages, I was faxed a few pages of a script that had no title but I fancied that I knew instantly that this was an extraordinary character (Dr. House) that could go the distance".

He stopped and joked again "that's a complete lie I had no idea".  He got serious again and said "its absolutely amazing to me to look back over the last 6 or 7 years" and "the incredible journey" this has been "made more incredible by my, as it were, traveling companions, an incredible cast and incredible crew."

Thanking Craft Services For Cheesy Eggs

Hugh made a point of saying "I really want to thank David Shore and Katie Jacobs who are the heart and the soul of the show".  He joked and said unfortunately "I don't know which is which (in referring to the two names), that's really a casting issue".

Hugh proceeded to thank the producers and the directors and then he said "lastly I would like to thank" and then he said "oh The Guild, The Guild, The Guild, you".   He said "finally I would like to thank Brian and Susan" of "Craft Services who do the finest cheesy eggs this side of the Rio Grande".

As always Hugh Laurie was hilarious and gave a spectacular acceptance speech.  Only Hugh Laurie would thank the Craft Services folks.

Although Hugh won for his category, the show lost the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series award to AMC's "Mad Men".  I was happy for Mad Men, which I love, but sad for the cast of House which is also brilliant.  Actually, all of the shows nominated for Outstanding Perfofmance are fantastic.

Kudos to Hugh Laurie who is probably eating cheesy eggs somewhere at Craft Services.

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