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Long Brunette Shag Hairstyle - Sally Hawkins

2009 Golden Globe Winning Best Actress Sally Hawkins was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was the first time I had the privilege of seeing Sally "live" on television. To this point I had only viewed her via various wire image photos.

Jimmy Kimmel, who I have grown quite fond of lately, introduced Sally as saying she "already has several shelves worth of awards for the film Happy Go Lucky. She's hoping to pick up one more - a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Best Actress for a Musical of Comedy".

Sally looked so adorable as she entered onto the stage. She is very petite and willowy. Her hair was worn below her shoulders but in a very unique and lovely long shaggy hairstyle. Sally had a full below-the-eyebrow fringe which offset her big brown eyes and drew attention to her perfect complexion.

The back of her hair looked shiny and silky but was tousled and feel in hints of waves almost to her shoulders. I must say she had a perfect hairstyle for her body type, chocolate brown hair, skin and eye tones. The hairstyle also drew attention to her beautiful lips.

Jimmy contratulated the British actress for her Golden Globe nomination. Sally thanked Jimmy in her charming British accent and appeared a little shy but definitely fun and engaging. She was also warm and very polite.

Jimmy asked Sally how "did you find out about the nomination (for the Golden Globes)? Sally told him "actually Iwas coming back from the doctors and I was sitting in the cab going home and I got a text from my Mum." Jimmy said, oh so your mum told you? Yes, Sally said "my mum told me".

Jimmy wanted to know "how did you mum know?" Sally replied "I don't know. She's sort of on a Google alert system. She's plugged in. I think she's got it going into, plugged into her brain". Which was quite a funny statement which made Jimmy and the audience laugh.

Jimmy wanted to know how Sally's family was reacting to her Golden Globe nomination. The lovely actress told the talk show host "my mum is over the Moon". She said her whole family is very excited. Jimmy teased Sally and asked her "do you have more than one mum?" Sally teased back "doesn't everyone? I've got about five". She told Jimmy her whole family "they're all like a mum" to her, which was very cute and a great comeback to Jimmy.

While discussed her family and how excited they all are about Sally's nomination Jimmy asked her "who's the most excited about this?" Sally said they all are in their own ways but "my brother's quite excited". She told Jimmy and the audience her brother is "also on a Google alert system." Jimmy wanted to know more about that Goggle alert system Sally's mom and brother were hooked into. It actually did sound a little funny (but in a good way).

Sally and Jimmy teased about whether the Google alert system was "rigged up to the whole house" but the actress explained it was "hooked up to a computer and no red light goes off" or anything like that.

Jimmy asked, "so every time he sees your name he will contact you?" Sally said "yeah." She explained "he sends me an email. He doesn't write anything in it (the email) he just send the link." Sally laughed and told Jimmy "it's great, but I can't open the links, but its good."

The talk show host was amused by the entire Google alert system and the fact Sally couldn't open the email links her brother sends but pointed out it was probably good she couldn't open the links because then if someone is saying bad or n"ot so flattering" things about her she won't even be able to read them. Sally agreed that was a good point.

Jimmy wanted to know if Sally's family would join her at The Golden Globes awards ceremony? Sally said "no, sadly they're not". She continued "sadly for them, they would love to."

Jimmy asked "would you love to have them there (at the Globes award ceremony) with you? Sally replied mischievously "no, no of course not". Which made the audience and Jimmy break into laughter. She is delightfully funny with a dry send of humor.

Jimmy agreed "that's the whole weird thing, bringing your family". Sally replied "I don't think I would be allowed. I don't know if I'm given, I didn't know for a long time you could bring a guest." Jimmy thought that was very funny and asked her about bringing guests. Sally said "no, I just thought you go on your own."

Jimmy was delightful as he explained to her "didn't you know you have a Plus One?" The beautiful actress said "no, I'm still not sure". Jimmy told her "you're nominated for Best Actress. It's one of the top three categories, if not the top category." He said, "yeah no, you probably have a Plus One."

At that point Jimmy said "lets go through the list of the people you're nominated against". At that point he went through all of Sally's competitors which includes Meryl Streep which he said "not so great". Sally seemed surprised and said "I heard she was quite good actually". Jimmy, being very funny said "nope she wasn't". Then he mentioned Emma Thompson for Last Chance Harvey. He said "never heard of it". Sally laughed and said "its about the rabbit isn't it? Jimmy said no, that a different Harvey.

Jimmy then mentioned Francis McDormand for Burn After Reading. Sally pointed out "she's pretty special" and Jimmy teased "it's the same all the time". They also touch on Rebecca Hall for her role. Sally said "She’s great, she’s gorgeous". Jimmy asked Sally if any of the other actresses were as great as her?

He also wanted to know if the actress knew any of the other women in her category? She told him "I met Emma for the first time the other week and dribbled at her" She reported she was "excited" Sally said Emma was "gorgeous, she’s amazing". Jimmy asked "what did you say to her"? Sally laughed and said "I slurred hello. Something like that but all with love. And I couldn’t let go of her hands and she was slowly backing off running scared. On Sunday at the Golden Gloves I will be straight to her table. Hi Emma! Yeah."

Jimmy told Sally "you better figure out this Plus One thing and find someone to go with you also. I’ll be happy to go with you". Then he teased "of course you will immediately tell your publicist to cut ties with us immediately". He told her that as soon as she leaves here she will tell her publicist "we never want to go back there again (to his show)".

Jimmy and Sally also discussed whether she had an acceptance speech or not. Sally said "it's really scary" to be in the company of those other actresses and she did not have anything prepared to say. She told Jimmy she really didn't think she had a chance and was just honored to be nominated. She said she doubted "with Meryl, Emma, Frances" in her category she had any chance of really winning. She was modest with Jimmy about her nomination and said "that's not a go. That's a bit ridiculous".

The actress was so modest and refreshing but so funny and sweet as well. She told Jimmy about having an acceptance speech "I should think of something, but it just seems so outrageous". She really did seem to believe "its just such an honor to be nominated".

Jimmy asked Sally "do you think it's bad luck or bad form to come up with a speech before the ceremony?" Sally said "no" and she replied "I should think of something".

Jimmy told Sally he had been at previous awards and sitting at tables with nominees and "there's nothing sadder than that moment when the winner is called and the non-winners "tuck their little speeches back into their dresses". Sally laughed and said "yes, all sweaty".

Jimmy told her "maybe you should just wing it" if she won, with a speech. They teased about the idea of Sally having a speech printed "on a tortilla so you could eat it, casually devour it". Jimmy told Sally "good luck, I will be rooting for you", which was very sweet.

The interview was very touching and Sally Hawking is a sweetheart and a charmer. She has definitely caught my attention and I will be paying close attention to her career in the future.

In fact, when Sally did win the 2009 Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, I was cheering and so excited. She seemed so nervous and geniune. She also looked gorgeous and was so funny.

Sally Hawkins is an amazing actress and sweet person and I predict we will see a lot more of her and her lovely chocolate brunette tresses for the future.

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