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Ellen Watched Presidental Inauguration At Sears

Ellen Degeneres dedicated her opening song on her show from Wednesday, January 21, 2009 to the new President.  She played a marching song which she marched to as she entered the Warner Brothers stage for her daily talk show.

She greeted the audience and told them "That song was for our new president.  Congratulations President Obama.  Whooo! How exciting is this?  How exciting? It's just hope, everybody, it just feels so hopeful right. I love. It felt like the whole world just stopped just for a moment to watch history happen right before our eyes."

Ellen joked and said "and the last time that happened HeeHaw went off the air.  So that was. Not felt that since HeeHaw".

Ellen then said "I think we're all going to remember where we were exactly when we watched the Inauguration.  Right?  You'll always remember that moment. I will never forget.  I was at Sears.  I was in the electronic departments.  If you thought the speech was powerful on one television, forty TVs between the lingerie and the power tools.  It was really exciting.  Never forget".

Did Ellen really watch the Presidental Inauguration at Sears?  Who knows with Ellen.  Anything is possible.

Ellen told the audience "Tony is not here.  He is in Washington. Not DC.  He's in Washington State.  He didn't make it.  Air travel is confusing"  After teasing about where Tony is she said "he's going to tell us all about it.  The pomp and circumstance".  I don't know what the pomp.  Circumstance is the distance around the circle.

As she was coming to the close of her opening monologue Ellen talked about how she felt while watching the entire Inauguration.  She said "it made me feel, how do you describe that feeling, it feels, the best way I can say it, from Washington, D.C., make me dance."

At that point the show played a feed of Tony playing music and dancing for Ellen, which is what they do every day.  Tony was dancing in a tuxedo and Ellen danced with him.

Ellen said "Tony looks tired" when she talked to Tony via the live feed.  Ellen then showed a tape of her and the new President dancing in October of 2007 on her show.  It was a great tape.

Even though she was given an invitation to go to all the Inauguration events she chose to send her DJ Tony instead.  What a fabulous decision to send Tony.  It showed such brilliance on Ellen's part.

Can I ever say enough good about Ellen?  Probably not but I love to write about her so it is what it is.

Congratulations to Ellen for all the good she does, to Tony for his great reporting on the Inaguartion and to our new President of the United States, President Barak Obama.  Congratulations also to his lovely wife Michele and his family.

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