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Karin Herzog - Mild Scrub - Beauty Miracle In My Shower

Of course it had to happen.  An dear old friend I hadn't seen for literally more than ten years was going to be in town and wanted to meet for dinner with me and my current guy.

As Clint Eastwood recently told Ellen DeGeneres on his show, he doesn't really like to look back at how he used to look in the past.  I agree with Clint as did Ellen. While I feel happy with where I am now, I don't really like to look back ten or fifteen years and compare to myself now.

At first my inclination was to bow out of a meet and greet.  After all, I hadn't personally seen my friend in eons, although we have stayed in touch via email and the phone.  Then one of my best friends, reminded me I'm the "Queen Of Setting Expectations". She suggested "apply your normal expectations and boundaries" and "all will be well".

I sent my old friend an email via my iPhone telling him I would love to see him and bring my guy but I wanted to remind him that its been awhile.  I advised him that while I haven't grown two heads, I had gotten ten years older.  He sent me a lovely email reply saying he's gotten older too and not too worry.   Ahhhh.  It's so nice to be real.

The very next morning I awoke to a huge bright red pimple on the edge of my nose.  Seriously?  Could the Beauty gods be any more cruel?

After cursing under my breath I applied a dab of pimple cream to my nose and tried not to think about.  While I normally don't get pimples, when I do, they tend to come out of left field and appear in the worst possible places.

That morning as I stepped into the shower I noticed the pimple was still overshadowing the tip of my nose but I decided not to stress about it.  Even though dinner with my friend was tonight, I had already warned him of the passing of the years, impending wrinkles and random gray hairs.

So what if I also had a giant pimple on my nose?  OK, well it's easy to rationalize but the pimple just felt weird, like I was wearing a bright red clown nose.  I wasn't going to stress but I won't deny its appearance definitely annoyed me.

While I was standing in the shower allowing my trusty Rene Furterer Carthame Mask to condition my newly washed tresses, I grabbed my Karin Herzog Scrub, applied it to my face with my fingertips and then slathered a little extra on the alien skin formation - aka the pimple.  Letting the Karin Herzog scrub remain on my face, I proceeded to rinse my Rene Furterer out of my hair and fill up my water bottles for my final cool water hair rinse.

After my hair was completely rinsed my last step was to rinse the Mild Scrub off my face.  I got out of the shower, towel blotted my hair, applied my Rene Furterer Leave-in Conditioner, detangled my hair and started to blow dry my hair.

As I was drying my hair I glanced in the mirror and noticied the pimple was completely gone.  What?  Was I hallucinating without my morning coffee?  I grabbed a small mirror and looked at my nose.

The pimple had completely shrunk.  I could barely find it.  How did that happen?  I just couldn't believe it.

I called a facialist who recommended the Karin Herzog to me in the first place to tell her what happened.  She was not surprised at the sudden disappearance of the pimple explaining the Karin Herzog Mild Facial Scrub can work all sorts of skin miracles.

She reminded me that the Karin Herzog Mild Scrub uses natural marble grains instead of synthetic grains to remove dead skin cells. Natural marble is unique because it produces perfectly round granules which can be used on all skin types, even on very sensitive skin.  You can use the scrub one to four times per week, depending on oiliness of the skin.

The skin care expert suggested I apply the Karin Herzog Essential Mask Facial and then some Vita A Kombi and check back in a few hours.

Sure enough, after applying the Essential Mask and applying the Vita A Kombi to my skin there is absolutely no trace of a pimple anywhere on my skin.  Of course the rest of my skin looks great as well.

The Karin Herzog product line constantly amazes me and has never let me down since the first time I used it.  When I am religious about using the products as they are meant to be used, I consistently get great results.

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