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Hairstyle Evolution For Maggie Full Of Grace

Born Margaret Grace Denig, actress Maggie Grace was born September 21, 1983 in Worthington, Ohio the second of three children to Valinn and Rick Denig. The Denig family ran a family jewelry business.

Maggie's family lived in a 200-year-old house which happened to be the first saltbox house in central Ohio.

(Image of Maggie Grace With Zig Zag Part And A Hair Flower Accessory at the Nintendo Entertainment Industry Reception - 08-21-03 - - All Rights Reserved).

As a child the budding actress attended Worthington Christian School from kindergarten through ninth grade and briefly attended Thomas Worthington High School, where she began acting in school plays and community theater, including a Jewish Community Center's Gallery Players' 2000 production of The Crucible.

Even though her parents divorced "amiably" when she was 16 years old, Maggie's mother wanted a brand new "fresh start".

Maggie (who dropped out of high school at the time) and her mom hightailed it out of Worthington when her parents divorced so that Maggie's mom could restart her life.

It also just happened that by moving to Los Angeles Maggie would have a shot at the acting brass ring in Tinseltown.

(Image of Maggie Grace wearing lots of blue eye shadow combined with a messy zig zaggy hair part at the ABC All Star Party - 07-13-04 - - All Rights Reserved)

Maggie's two younger siblings, Ian and Marisa continued to live with their father back in Ohio while Maggie and her mom made their way in California.

In Los Angeles, Maggie and her mother moved around often as they struggled financially, taking out short-term rents rather than paying for permanent residence while eating a basic diet as it was all they could afford.

All of the moving around and struggling paid off. In 2001 while the 5'9" blonde and beautiful Maggie was still in her late teens she landed her very first role in Rachel's Room. She won the title character which was based on a web video series.

In 2002 Maggie appeared as Hope Wilde briefly on TV's Septuplets. It is unclear how many episodes Maggie appeared in on the limited run show.

Playing Murder Victim Martha Moxley

The next year (2002) the young actress, whose nickname is Miss America, won a Young Artist Award nomination for her portrayal of 15 year old murder victim Martha Moxley in the made for TV movie Murder in Greenwich.

The murder was a very high profile case which involved the Kennedy family and was unsolved for many years. The case continues to make news even now in early 2009.

(Image of Maggie Grace with her honey blonde hair pulled back and adorned with a hair flower - ABC 2005 Summer Press Tour All-Star Party - 07-25-05 - - All Rights Reserved).

In 2003 Maggie had one guest role on CSI Miami as Amy Gorman. In 2004 Maggie won the role of Shannon Rutherford in TV's glittering new series - Lost - and had a major role. She appeared in 33 of the Lost episodes.

In mid-season two her character was killed off. However, Maggie won a Screen Actors Guild Award with the rest of the Lost cast.

Once her character was killed, Maggie took a leap from TV to films and appeared with Tom Welling in 2005's The Fog. She starred in Suburban Girl and The Jane Austen Book Club in 2007.

Maggie played the beloved daughter of Liam Neeson and Famke Janssen in the 2008 thriller 'Taken'. In the role Maggie portrays a demure brunette and plays the privileged daughter of a divorced mother and her wealthy new husband.

In the film Liam Neeson is her father and a former Special Forces expert. Maggie is kidnapped and sold into the sex/slave trade in France.

(Image of a blonde and beautiful Maggie Grace with a Grecian style updo at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - 03-05-06 - - all rights reserved).

Maggie's acting career continues to spiral upwards. It was recently announced that she is going to play the lead role in Alice in Malice in Wonderland which is a modern version of the original Lewis Carrol novel - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It has also been rumored Maggie will act in Catch 44, a film due to be released soon. No confirmation of her role in Catch 44 has been released.

Since 2003 when Maggie first caught the eye of the media as a blonde, Maggie's hair color, length and style have changed dramatically.

(Image of Maggie Grace - 2007 - Crystal and Lucy Awards - 06-14-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

Although Maggie started her career as a blonde and was known for her light tresses on Lost, as her style and fashions evolved, so did her hair.

In the early days of Lost her hair was medium length. Since that point her hair has grown a lot longer and has been a range of darker colors including brunette and auburn.

For all of 2007 Maggie had tresses that ranged from dark chocolate to milk chocolate brown. The darker hair color combined with the longer hairstyles completely transformed the actress.

At the 2007 Crystal and Lucy Awards Maggie's hair was coiffed in a half up/half down style with a prominent pompadour design extending back from the hairline. Her hair had a definitely auburn hue.

Did Maggie change her hair color to be taken more seriously as she pursued work in film rather than TV?

At the 2008 IFC Spirit of Independent Film Party on February 23, 2008 the stunning Maggie worn a lovely updo bun at the back of her lighter brunette tresses cascading off a zig zag style part along the front of her head.

(Image of Maggie Grace - IFC Spirit of Independent Film Party - 02-23-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Beginning with the Fall of 2003 and extending until the very present time, January 2009, Maggie has morphed through a myriad of hair lengths ranging from medium to very long and from baby blonde to auburn red and ultimately raven black.

Maggie has also evolved in the fashion sense going from overdone to extremely polished and elegant.

Her hairstyle evolution between 2003 and 2009 has been a feast for the eyes.

When Maggie appeared at the December 2008 LA Premiere of 'The Wrestler' she wowed the crowds with her gorgeous gown and Old Hollywood hairstyle.

Image of Maggie Grace at Los Angeles Premiere of 'The Wrestler' 12-16-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

In her most recent Red Carpet Appearance at Flaunt Magazine's 10th Annivery Party and Holiday Toy Drive the sassy Maggie worn her below-the-shoulder blonde tresses with a hint of waves and perimeter curls.

The hairstyle was designed around a front side-swept part that nestled along her forehead highlighting her beautiful face, skin, eyes and lips.

(Image of Maggie Grace at Flaunt Magazine's 10th Anniversary Party And Holiday Toy Drive - 12-18-08 - All Rights Reserved).

Maggie wore an edgy outfit combining footless blue tights with a black satin ruffled dress and matching black gloves.

For more information on Maggie Grace check out her profile on Wikipedia.

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