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2009 Golden Globe Best Actress Race

January 11th is right around the corner which is the Golden Globes Award Ceremony.  The Golden Globes is considered by many to be the kick off for the Awards Seasons for the year.

Nominees for the key categories for Golden Globes often go on to be nominated for Oscars.  Many times it is considered a good omen to win the Golden Globe since it often will signal a strong chance for a win for the Academy Awards.

(Image of Anne Hathaway - Daily

For 2009 the nominees for Best Actress for Golden Globes is fierce.  The nominees include Anne Hathaway for her role in Rachel Getting Married,  Angelina Jolie for Changeling, Meryl Streep for Doubt, Kristin Scott Thomas for I've Loved You So Long and Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road.

I find it interesting that Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep were great together in Devil Wore Prada. Meryl received best actress nods for that film although it was not meant to be.  Did acting with Meryl rub off oh Anne?  Or maybe the young actress who has suffered through a rough year with the scandal of her ex-boyfriend has matured and her acting is showing the benefits of her personal challenges.  Will we ever know for sure?  Probably not.

Ironically Kate Winslet is also nominated for best performance by an actress in a support role in a motion picture for her role in The Reader.  Amy Adams is nominated for Doubt, Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona - for which she just won the New York Film Critics award for that role - Viola Davis also for Doubt and Marisa Tomei for The Wrestler.

Although critics are often wrong, many are predicting that Meryl Streep will win the Best Actress nod for Doubt which many believe is one of her strongest performances of her history of acting.

If Meryl stumbles it is believed Kate Winslet has the inside track to win against her.  Surprisingly Angelina is not picked to win which will of course make Jen Aniston happy but not Angie's many fans.

Even more interesting is the opinion that Meryl will also win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a musical/comedy for her work in Mama Mia.  Wouldn't that be something if the esteemed actress wins two best actress awards?  Not really, afterall, as David Letterman so appropriately pointed out during Meryl's recent visit to his show, the actress has compiled a very impressive body of acting work during her long and illustrious career.

Regardless of which actress wins or loses you can bet I will be glued to my TV checking out all the various hairstyles.  Meryl is not known for her eye popping, jaw dropping Red Carpet fashions or hairstyles but really, with her spectacular career, she could show up in a paper bag with no hair and the world wouldn't care.  In fact, even Perez Hilton probably wouldn't write about Meryl's hair or fashions.  The woman is truly a star and deserves every last award she wins.

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