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2009 Hairstyle Predictions

Every aspect of hair including length, texture, color and style is influenced by fashion. It is also influenced by politics, religion and even past historical trends.  With hair as well as fashion, what goes around comes around and around and around again.

The big name celebrity hairstylists carefully study the catwalks to get a glimpse at major fashion trends and from there they build in the possible hair trends. Which is why getting into the runway shows can be even more difficult then trying to get front row tickets for a Beatles Reunion Show - if one ever occurred. But you get my drift.

(Image on side courtesy of Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved).

Of course there are also the big name hairdressers who match the latest fashions to the hairstyles created for the runway models. These big name hairdressers like Orlando Pita often work directly with the hottest fashion designers to match the hair to the designs. Thus a new hairstyle, hair trend or fashion may be born backstage at the major shows.

A case in point? The bra strap headband which was created "on the fly" at a runway show many years ago by a Bumble & Bumble high fashion hairdresser.

Not all fashion catwalks are created equally and thus the hairstyles featured on some runways are more important for predicting trends than on others.

An Annual Global Survey for 2008 listed the following top ten cities for their fashion and shows in the following order of importance:  New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Syndney, Las Vegas, Berlin and Tokyo.

Based on a comprehensive view of those fashion shows expect the following hairstyles to take front and center in the hair world for 2009.

1. Big hair which is totally tousled.

Whimsical fashion designer Betsey Johnson showcased finger-in-the-socket big hairstyles with lots of backcombing and heavy tousling.

For 2009 look for tousled and right out of bed textures to be artfully combined with ponies, twists, buns and half-buns.

Actress Jenny McCarthy (shown to the side) recently previewed a big beautiful future 2009 hairstyle at the December 17th premiere of Jim Carrey's new film, 'Yes, Man' in Hollywood.

(Image of Jenny McCarthy provided by - All Rights Reserved - 2008)

Jenny's "Marilyn" hairstyle combined big teased sides and crown with slightly tousled curls and waves throughout the perimeter and was expertly crafted by celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves.

2. Big updos with Grecian curls.

Fashion guru Andres Aquino's inspiration for Spring 2009, as showcased at the New York fashion show in the Fall of 2008, was all about Greek Mythology.  Aquino's designs were combined with a focus on hair that was Grecian and showcased gorgeous updos.

Expect big barrel curls to be popular, especially on runways and especially for Prom and all types of Party Hair.

3. Looped pony hairstyles - short, medium and long.

Mr. Aquino also showcased soft and flowing designs with rich colors topped by side and back looped (pinned down) pony hairstyles. Mr. Aquino's fashions called for sleek crowns and backs accented by one or more "pony loops" pinned down at various angles along the sides and backs of the head.

Keep an eye out for looped inspired ponies, buns and even updos on every imaginable length and texture of hair.

5.  Long and straight ponies worn at all angles

The majority of designer Philip Lim's models combined side-swept sides which flowed into long and straight ponies looped to one side with the ponytails being anchored slightly off center in the back.

Other designers follow the stick straight pony trails but anchoring them off to one side, high off the head or cascading from a line of bobby pins extending across the back of the head.

Look for ponytails like the one worn on Kim Kardashian to be sizzling hot for 2009 in every imaginable height, thickness, texture and positioning off the head.

6. Deep side parts with big finger waves adorning only the front side section of the hair.

Other fashion designers paired their beautifully crafted updos with deep side parts with one side of the hair coiffed in carefully crafted fingerwaves.

Look for the return of precision finished updos combined with deep side parts with an array of fingerwave accents. This will especially be true on the Red Carpets, at Prom and for all types of Party Hair.

7. Bubble hairstyles.

Extravagent hair bubble hairstyles were worn on top of the fashion model's heads as shown in conjunction with Caitlin Botezatu's fashion designs in New York in the Fall of 2008.

However, for us mere mortals bubble hairstyles in 2009 will most likely show up as long ponies gathered into a series of either small or large bubbles and anchored with Blax or Bungee style bands.

Look for the bubble shape to also potentially appear in hair twists, updos, side and back hair ponies.

8. Hair bumps are back.

Haya Al Hayti's fashions which inspired off-the-forehead hair pouf styles merging into cascading back updos either created with thick loops, barrel curls and braids or accented with random rope braids.

2009 will most likely see not only hairline bumps, like the one recently worn by actress Maggie Grace, but pompadour styles placed throughout the crown and even extending from the hairline to the back of the head.

(Image of Maggie Grace - at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'The Wrestler' - 12-16-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

9. Sleek straight long tresses with brilliant shine worn long and flowing or captured into side plus back pony hairstyles.

Designer Carolina Ferrera showcased long and lush, stick straight strands flowing down around the shoulders and topped off with fedoras and other gorgeous hats.

She also showcased half-up/half down with the top smooth and sleek and the bottom sheets of silky long strands.

Kenneth Flanagan showcased the elegant and lush back and side ponytails while Rock And Republic showed off uber long and lush straight ponytails wrapped thickly at the base with matching hair and topped off with a gorgeous collection of hats.

Other designers featuring stick straight long strands included Naeem Khan, Victorya Hong, Rebecca Taylor, Richard Chai and Terexov.

Tony Cohen's models had long and stick straight strands gathered at mid head into a boxy pony style while Vivienne Tam's models who did wear long ponies, had them curled into long banana style curls or soft waves.

10. Tight slicked back buns

Zac Posen's gorgeous New York collection featured models with slicked back hair wrapped into small and tight "bubble" style buns. While the majority of the models had their tresses pulled tightly off their faces, a few select models wore full across-the-forehead thick and shiny bangs.

The Bill Blass show featured models with a very tight donut shaped "ballerina" bun positioned between the middle a of the back of the head and the nape of the neck. The buns were paired with a tight side row that extended from the forehead to the back of the head.

(Image of Carice van Houten - Los Angeles Premiere of 'Valkyrie' - 12-18-08 - All Rights Reserved).

Expect new popularity for sleek and "finished" buns and hair twists as demonstrated by CArice van Houten who combined the side wave with a sleek back bun.

Additional 2009 Hairstyle Predictions

The faux hairstyle will continue to be extremely popular with celebrities as well as hair consumers.  This means long hair pinned strategically along the back of the head to simulate a medium length Bob.  It also means short hair backcombed to give the impression of more length, texture or fullness.

Another early indicator of 2009 Hairstyle trends will be demonstrated on the Red Carpets at The Golden Globes where celebrity hairdressers carefully access the hottest new hair trends and then weave them into the final look and style of their top stars.

One thing is for sure, if the fashion runways were any indication of hair trends to come for 2009, it will be an exciting and fun year for beautiful, creative and interesting hairstyles.

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