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Kendra Wilkinson's Football Hairstyles

It was recently announced on that Kendra Wilkinson, fiancée of Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett and star of TV’s The Girls Next Door, had been named the team’s guest offensive coordinator for Sunday’s game (December 21, 2008).

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According to SSNN the Playboy Bunny has been looking "for opportunities to put aside her reputation as a ditzy blonde", and she seemed confident Friday "that directing the Eagles’ offense would be a great way to do exactly that".

This is no surprise to me since I have been watching Kendra work on her image for some time.  Kendra has been changing her hair color, hair style, makeup and style of dress for the past few years as she has gotten serious about her post-Playboy Mansion life.

Now that Kendra is engaged to Hank Baskett, she is transitioning from Playboy Bunny to hot wife of a pro football player.  She is also looking for ways to follow in the footsteps of other Bunnies like Carmen Electra who move into other entertainment vehicles.

So why not in the entertainment world of football?

How has Kendra changed up her hair color and hairstyles to change her image?

In August of 2006 Kendra, in the thick of her role as a Girl Next Door, made a public appearance with her hair dyed to the lightest platinum.

Not only was Kendra's hair white blonde, it was worn pulled tightly off her face in a half up/half down ponytail style.  While her hairstyle and outfit was perfect for one of Hef's girlfriends, it gave her a harsher overall look.

(Image of Kendra Wilkinson at Spike TV's 2nd Annual Guys Choice Awards - Sony Pictures Studios - Culver, City, CA - 05-30-08 - - all rights reserved).

In May of 2008 Kendra appeared at the Fox Reality Channel Awards with her hair still long, but gone was the white platinum blonde and in its place was a much richer golden based blonde.  Interwoven with the beautiful golden hues were lighter platinum blonde highlights.  Kendra was continuing to transform her image but in a gradual way.  She also wore her hair with lots of gorgeous waves and curls.  She looked glam but definitely softer.

In September of 2008 Kendra appeared at the Fox Reality Channel Awards  with her hair still long, but gone was the white platinum blonde and in its place was a much softer cookies n' cream multi-dimensional blonde.

Everything about Kendra had been softened besides her hair color and style.

Besides wearing her hair down in soft shiny face framing layers, her make-up was minimal in comparison to two years before.

Hair color and hairstyle really does send an unspoken message.  Such is the case with Kendra whose hairstyle evolutions over the past two years tells the story of a woman moving into a new phase of her life with her eye on a brand new career.

The Girl Next Door is morphing to wife of professional football player and possibly a new career in the professional football arena.

Her hair is changing from Playmate hair to Football appropriate hair.  Kudos to Kendra for her beautiful hairstyle transitions.

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