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Bad Hair Day Affirmations

Although I have spent many years fine tuning the art of having good hair, there are days that no matter what, I'm in the bad hair day zone.

Instead of letting it ruin my day, I usually spritz it with my favorite dry shampoo, fluff it up and wrap it into a bun.  I also will make it a point to add one of my favorite hair accessories so it neutralizes any less than wonderful feelings about how my hair is misbehaving.

Over the years I have also developed some great "bad hair" affirmations I say that help me reset my mind from feeling unhappy about my hair or appearance to feeling great.

I'm a big believer in affirmations due to the recommendation of a former fitness trainer who encouraged me to listen to affirmations while working out to help adjust my attitude.  For me, they work.  Do they work for everyone?  They may or may not, but it never hurts to give them a try.

Listed below are some of my own hair affirmations that I use when having a bad hair day, feeling blah about my hair or just in general.

Feel free to try them out.  If you believe they are working, you might want to make a CD with your favorite music playing in the background as you repeat the affirmations over and over.

Affirmation #1

Today is a great hair day for me.  My hair looks great, feels great and gives me great joy.

Affirmation #2

I think only positive, upbeat and happy thoughts about me and about my hair.  I am totally happy.

Affirmation #3

I love and accept my hair exactly as it is.

Affirmation #4

Because I take great care of my hair, my hair always looks and feels great no matter what.

Affirmation #5

I always have great thoughts and feelings about my hair.

Affirmation #6

I always look for the brighter side of every challenge that my hair may present to me.

Affirmation #7

I am in control of myself, my life, my thoughts and my hair.

Affirmation #8

I enjoy who I am, I enjoy my hair and I enjoy my hair.

In Closing

Let me know your thoughts on affirmations and whether you use them to help reset your mindset for bad hair days...or for any of life's challenges.

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