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Life To Death Transition Help

Introduction - Life To Death Transition Help

Dedicated To My Beloved Michael & My Dear Friend Sam

Michael Thornton Thayer Michael Thornton Thayer

Eight years ago on April 14, 2005, my beloved husband, Michael Thornton Thayer, suddenly passed from this life into the next.

In retrospect there were many small signs of his death.

Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20 and because of his youth and external vibrancy it never occurred to me that he would be leaving me as well as this lifetime behind.

One of my long standing regrets is that I couldn't offer him any life to death transition help while he was still alive.  If I had known his transition was right around the corner I'm not sure I wouldn't have invested all my energy into try to prevent his death.

It's hard to know now what I would have done back then, but hopefully if I thought his death was unavoidable, I would have offer help with his transition.

As the past eight years have rolled by, I have done extensive research into this topic and have gathered a lot of information about life to death transition help options.  Death is a difficult topic.  In most people it triggers fear, dread and sadness.  As a result, it's often difficult to openly discuss the subject.

A woman who I have gotten to know and who has touched me deeply, is currently facing her own life to death transition.  Although my first reaction to the knowledge of her approaching death was to offer my assistance in preventing it, I realized that it is her life and her path.

FES Angels Trumpet FES Angels Trumpet

Obviously the best way I can hopefully serve her in the present time is to offer any information I possess regarding the transition stage.

There are many tools which can help in the life to death transition ranging from prayer, changing, meditation and affirmations.  There are also more alternative methods including the use of homeopathy, herbs, essential oils and flower essence remedies.

Life To Death Transition Flower Essence Remedies

For the purpose of this blog I am offering my research on Flower Essence Remedies.  The essences can be taken in water, directly under the tongue or gently massages into the feet of the person making the transition.

{{asin=B000VG940A,text=Angels' Trumpet (Flower Essence Society Essence}} - FES) - Available from the Flower Essence Society, this flower essence helps to ease the process of transition and promoted peaceful spiritual surrender.

{{asin=B000VGCDDK,text=Angelica (FES & Pegasus Flower Essences)}} - Angelica, which is available from FES as well as Pegasus, helps to create a connection with the angels and pschopomps to beseech their protection and benevolence during the transition.

{{asin=B000VGAH9C,text=Blackberry (FES)}} - Helps to ease depression at the thought of leaving this lifetime and loved ones.  It also helps with the fear of the unknown.

FES Blackberry Flower Essence FES Blackberry Flower Essence

{{asin=B000VG7GGY,text=Chrysanthemum (FES)}} - Generates courage to  contemplate the journey ahead.

Grape (Master's Flower Essence) - Eases the sense of abandonment during the dying process and right after death.

Purple Monkeyflower (FES) - Eases and resolves the error of dying and death.

{{asin=B000VG94GE,text=Scarlet Monkeyflower (FES)}} - This is one of my favorite essences.  It helps to resolve rage and anger about death and dying.  I was so enraged after the untimely death of my husband I took Scarlet Monkeyflower for several weeks until the rage subsided.

{{asin=B000219Y5O,text=Sweet Chestnut (Bach)}} - Assists with the bitter isolation of the soul.

Tobacco (Pegasus)  - Helps to promote spiritual surrender.

To make the transition process as easy and power as possible it would be beneficial to start the use of the flower essences listed above the day right before or the day of the Full Moon.

If that's not possible, 12 hours after the New Moon would be a second option.

Do Flower Essence Therapies Work?

The use of Flower Essence Therapies are controversial.  Some experts believe they work the same way as

Bach Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence Bach Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence

What Is Flower Essence Society (FES)

The Flower Essence Society (FES) is an international membership organization of health practitioners, researchers, students, and others interested in deepening knowledge of flower essence therapy.

Founded in 1979 by Richard Katz, FES was incorporated as part of the non-profit organization Earth-Spirit in 1982.

Summary - Life To Death Transition Help

Death is a difficult topic.  In most people it triggers fear, dread and sadness.  As a result, it's often difficult to openly discuss the subject.  Flower Essence Remedies can offer assistance in the transition from life to death.

Although controversial, many experts believe Flower Essence Remedies can offer great assistance during the transition from life to death.  After extensive testing some experts believe the flower essences offer measurable results while others believe there is no measurable difference.

Ultimately everyone has to make their own decision whether the essences will work for them or not.  It's certainly worth a try during stressful times traveling in uncharted territories.

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