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Hair Lengths

When it comes to hair it's always important to remember that everyone is always entitled to their own opinion. I have been writing about hair topics since 1997 and constantly find many diverse opinions.

During my tenure in cosmetology school I found that the teachers always did not agree on hair related topics although they would generally follow the common philosophy of the company.

Students rarely agreed amongst themselves or when compared to the teachers.

Of course hair consumers and hair professionals may not always agree with regard to common hair topics.

One common point of disagreement is Hair Length. What really defines hair length? What professional hairdressers might agree is long a hair consumer might consider is medium length or vice versa.

The possibility for disagreement and confusion is why it is always important to make sure you are on the same page with another person regarding hair. If you are visiting your hairdresser for a hair cut it is even more important to be sure you are completely in agreement on the labels you are placing on the prospective hairstyle. Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words.

Listed below are the most common definitions of hair lengths based upon my own opinion and as listed in Wikipedia.

Although I often refer to Wikipedia, I don't always agree with their definitions and thus provide my own as a comparison.

Hair Lengths

Most hair pros and consumers agree that hair generally falls into the categories of no hair, short hair, medium length hair and long hair. These categories can be expanded to include shaved heads versus naturally bald heads, super short versus short and long versus very long.

Hair is usually measured against the various body parts such as the ears, nose, chin, shoulders, middle of the back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees and ankles.

Listed below are the most common definitions for hair length.

No Hair Length

Naturally Bald - No hair whatsoever on the scalp.

Shaved - No hair fuzz or stubble on the scalp.

Buzzed - A small amount of hair fuzz on the head. Hair may be 1/8 to 1/4" long.

Super Short Hair Lengths

Chopped - Hair that may be 1" to 2" long. This may also be referred to as Cropped. Hair does not extend to the ears.

Cap or Boy's Cut - Hair that is generally 2" to 4" in length. The cap cut ends at the top of the earlobes.

Other names used may include a super shot bob or a super short layered crop or cap.

Medium Hair Length

Medium Cut - Hair extends from the roots to somewhere between the end of the earlobes and the top of the chin.

Although bobs generally are all one length.

Medium hair cuts can include one-length bobs or layered styles. The length is measured by the longest strands in the hairstyle.

Long Hair Lengths

Long cut - Hair length extends from the base of the neck to the shoulders and slightly below. Hair can be all one length or layered.

Bra Strap Length Long Hair - Hair ends at the middle of the back or where the bra strap would be located.

Waist Length - Hair extends to the small of the back right at the waist. This point is right about the hip bones.

Tail Bone Length - Hair that ends at the top of the tailbone. When hair has grown to this length is may be referred to as Butt Length. It also may be referenced as hair that can be sat on.

Classic Length - Hair that ends where the top of the legs meet the buttock. This is currently a good description of my own hair length.

Thigh Length - Hair extends to the middle of the thighs.

Knee Length - Hair extends to the knees.

Calf Length - Hair extending to the middle of the calves.

Ankle Length - Hair that extends to the top of the ankles

Floor Length - Hair extending to the floor or beyond.

Hair Length Variations

Not everyone will agree with the hair length definitions I have provided. It is not always possible to put exact measures on each of the hair length categories because other factors play into hair length.

These factors include the size of the person's head, the height of their body and their weight. Short people with waist length hair may appear to have longer hair than someone who is tall with waist length hair.

The reality? It's all relative.

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