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Instantly Soften Short Or Very Short Hair Styles

If you ever got your hair cut really short you may have noticed it has a harsh "just got my hair cut image."  How does this harsh short hair style occur?

One cause is when you get your hair cut shorter that your ears.  Now you may not like the feel of hair on your ears, but it's always a softer look when short hair falls onto the ears.

(Image of Zelda Williams - - All Rights Reserved)

If you absolutely hate the feel of hair resting on your ears, which may tickle or cause irritation, you can still get your hair cut a bit longer, but make sure the hair can still be tucked behind your ears.

Depend On Styling Products To Soften The Look

Other options include using styling products to direct your hair slightly upward away from your ears.

If you still want your hair shorter than your ears there are still options for making your short hair style softer and more sensual.

These options, shown by Zelda Willaims include asking your hairdresser to:

1.  Replace a straight cutting shear with a finely spaced tapering shear or a razor. 

2.  Ask your hairdresser to care out a blended effect, especially around the ears and blending the front and back of the hairstyle.

3.  If the hair is lifted with a comb or fingers, instead of cutting directly off the scalp, the result will be a softer edge.

4.  When extending lengths are cut parallel to the hairline it will also create a softer, more finished look.

5.  Using a tapering shear with multiple stroking will also create a softer edge.

6.  Consider requesting a slightly longer side-swept fringe which may soften the entire short hairstyle.

7.  Have the entire cut finished around the perimeter with a razor to maintain the soft look.

8.  Another option is to have the area over the ears undercut over the ears.  The hair around the ear can be removed but the interior lengths are kept longer and softer.

Also, side burn lengths (see Zelda's soft side burns below) can be directed up to the ear area to create a soft length increase in front of the ear.

After a short style is cut, it can be softened with a range of options from adding softer hair accessories such as skinny headbands, small jeweled clips and bobbies and flowers.  There is also the option to add texture to a short cut with a touch of curl, wave or kink.

Adding highlights and low lights can also soften a stark short haircut and make it softer, prettier and more elegant.

(Image of short haired actress Zelda Williams - - All Rights Reserved)

Work with your hairdresser to achieve the best short haircut for your lifestyle and desires.

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