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Messy Side Ponytails - Secrets Of Invisible Hair Nets

Some of the hottest hairstyles right now, both on and off the fashion runways and Celebrity Red Carpets, are the messy, texturized side ponytails.

The girls (L.C., Holly Montag, Lauren Boswell) on MTV's The Hills are rocking them big time.  So are an increasing number of young and sassy female celebs.

(Image of Izabella Miko - - All Rights Reserved).

Although at first glance messy ponies look easy, they're a little more complicated than you might think.  To create the proper balance of tousled and sassy without looking like you have a rat's nest on your head, the messy side ponytail has to be well-planned and styled.

How do the celebs create those glorious side pony loops with random strands of perfectly coiled accent strands?  Furthermore, how do they keep those side pony poufs from dropping, looking misshapen or suffering internal combustion?

The secret answer?  The hair net. No, not the hair net with the gigantic seam that is worn knotted at the forehead with support hose and big clunky shoes. 

The hair net I'm referring to are the barely there thin cobweb of threads perfectly dyed to match any hair color that instantly fading discreetly into the perimeters of a high fashion messy side pony.

The invisible hair net is the secret of famous platform hair artists like the UK's Patrick Cameron who sculpts spectacular hair rolls, updos and stunning off-the-head poufs of curls by using interconnected bobby pins and interlocking webs of hair nets.

Celebrity hair guru Ken Paves is also a master of the invisible hair net.

The advantage of the hair net is that it will firmly, yet discretely, hold the most delicate of tousled pony bun or tail lightly in place.

Many celebrity hairdressers are very well versed in the proper uses of this age old hair tool.  Because the current version of the hair net is so wispy thin and is available in so many hues, it can be wrapped into a side pony hairstyle and then layered with loose strands so that no one is the wiser.

Not only does a well-placed hair net hold messy side ponies and deconstructed buns anonymously in place, they eliminate the need for heavy application of styling sprays which leave hair stiffer and less able to blow softly in a light breeze.

Next time you see a beautiful celebrity stroll down a Red Carpet with a messy or tousled side pony or bun look closely and you might just see what I'm talking about.

Will a celebrity hairdresser confess to their use of a hair net styling weapon?  Probably not, but now we all the real truth to those perfect tousles.  Shsssssh, let's keep it our little secret.

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