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Noah Wyle - ER Return & Role On Librarian

Ellen DeGeneres recently had actor Noah Wyle as guest on her Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

The vivacious talk show hostess explained that for eleven years Noah Wyle used to play the lovable Dr. Carter on ER.  Currently Noah is starring on TNT's hit movie series The Librarian.  She announced Noah is also getting ready to reprise his role as Dr. Carter on ER for the last season as a special guest.  Ellen showed a short film clip from The Librarian series with Noah fencing.

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

After the clip was finished the actor entered the stage and looked dashing in a gray suit coat, vest with light blue gray slacks. He was also quite chatty, unlike some of Ellen's other guests.  Ellen and Noah appeared to be friends and very comfortable with each other.

Ellen mentioned she had not seen Noah in a long time and he said yes since "your birthday party".   The talk show hostess mentioned "before that we used to see each other a lot".  Noah said "we used to be neighbors, yeah, I miss you"  Ellen asked "are you still (living) there?"  He said "yes I'm still there"

Ellen noted "I love it there. It's pretty there.  We had a ranch near Noah" at which point he said jokingly "at an undisclosed location" and Ellen said there were a lot of animals and stuff.  Ellen told the audience Noah used to have a lot of animals and asked the actor if he still had lots of animals.

Noah said "tons, still, tons". Ellen said "you had a lot of animals before". The actor replied "well when you're named Noah".  Ellen laughed and said "you have no choice"  Noah said "it goes with the territory".

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

Ellen said "this is your first time here on this set" and Noah said well "yes and no, yes and no"  He explained that "this used to be one of The ER's stages, this was the operating floor".  The actor noted "I took out Dr. Benton's appendix right over there. I had my kidney taken out right over there after my stabbing.  Good times".

He told Ellen "I love what you've done with the place".

Noah explained "this stage actually has a lot of history to it - this was Betty Davis' stage.  Her offices, her dressing room is where George's (Clooney) office is now,  across the way".

"This was the very first air conditioned stage.  She demanded that it be frigid.  Which is why you're all so comfortable now". Ellen agreed and said "well all the other stages have air conditioning now. It's very necessary".

Noah said, "yes, now they do". "This is hallowed ground right here".

Ellen asked Noah about the fact that he's shooting ER right now. Noah said "I just went back to work yesterday, yeah".

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

Ellen wanted to know how it was for Noah going back to ER. Noah told Ellen "I did it (appeared on ER) for eleven years and it's been four years since I worked on that set".

Ellen asked Noah if it was easy going back (to the ER set).

Noah replied "it's like going to your closet and finding your favorite pair of jeans from high school and thinking that's never going to fit me and then putting them on and going whoohooo hey that looks pretty good. It's remarkably comfortable, it's like going to a high school reunion, family reunion, very rich, very, lots of emotions".

He said "it's bittersweet this is the final season for the show and fifteen years it's been on.  So all of these people have been working away two sound stages away since the late 20th century".

Ellen pointed out that an amazing cast, including Noah and George Clooney, has come out of the ER show over the past 15 years. Noah agreed and then said "yeah...whatever happened to him (George Clooney).

The actor also told Ellen that she was "going about this all wrong" in reference to Ellen's quest to get George Clooney to visit her show.  Since Ellen's show moved right next door to George she has been trying everything to get George to surface.

Ellen showed the audience a picture of George Clooney and Noah Wylie together dressed up in tuxedos.

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

Noah commented "that's an interesting look".  Ellen asked where they were going and the actor said "I believe it's the Golden Gloves Awards based on my blood shot eyes because they have an open bar at that awards ceremony".

Ellen asked Noah to tell the audience how sweet George was to Noah during the first season of ER when Noah "went wild with his paycheck."

Lets talk about how sweet George was to Noah on the first season.  What he did for you during the first season.

Ellen said Noah went wild with his paycheck.  Noah explained "we shot the pilot (for ER) and we didn't really think it would go very far.  But we decided - George and Eriq LaSalle and I - decided to take a trip to Europe while we waited to see if the show was gonna get picked up and I spent all the money I made on the pilot on that trip.  So we came back and I realized I still had to pay my rent so George covered me for a few months until the paychecks started coming in." He said "the first check I wrote after I got paid (from ER) was to Geroge to pay him back.

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

Ellen was very impressed and said that George would do that.  Noah agreed and said "George is that kinda guy".

Ellen explained that one strategy to get George to come out of his bungalow was to hire Chippendale Dancers instead of women, which they tried first.  She explained that Brad Pitt (a close friend of George Clooney) said to get the Chippendales and make sure one of them was a blonde.

Unfortunately the Chippendales didn't raise George. Noah replied getting "women " to tempt George "is like trying to tempt Santa Claus with elves.  He sees it all the time.  You gotta give him something he hasn't seen for awhile".

Ellen agreed she would try anything and Noah said "honestly knowing him" the way that I do, "if you can get the 1975 Cincinnati Reds to come by his office - get Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench and Tug McGraw to come by his office. You've have him - you'll have him. Totally."

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

Ellen asked if any of the Cincinnati Reds were blondes?  Noah said "I don't think any of those players are blonde anymore".  He again said to get "circa 75 Reds, anywhere in there, that was when he (George) was a big Cincinnati Reds fans, and it was the time of the  Big Red machine".  When the audience didn't react Noah laughed and said "a lot of baseball fans I see in the audience today".

The fans laughed and applauded at Noah's comment.  Then Ellen asked the actor to explain alittle bit about the Librarian and the fencing clip Noach was doing that she showed the audience.

Noah said it's fun and challenging and "I was a producer on this" (The Librarian) show "which means you can tailor the script around the skills you already possess and not have to learn too many new ones.  I fenced in high school. For budgetary reasons there was a big car chase we were going to do and we couldn't afford that so I said what about a sword fight"?  And they said okay.

Noah told Ellen the show "is so much fun.  In many ways the reason I became an actor in the first place.  I wanted to be a swashbuckler, I wanted to kiss the girl, I wanted to tell a joke, I wanted to do a pratfall.  I got to do all of this in this movie".

The Librarian is this professional academic who has 22 Ph.ds.and never had a job, never had a girlfriend, just recently moved out of his mother's house and get selected to be the keepers to be the keeper of all these artifacts.

His job is to go around the world and find the relics before they fall in the hands of evil doers.

(Image of Noah Wyle on - all rights reserved).

It's like Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones is played by Don Knotts.

Ellen ended her interview with Noah by saying she would come and visit him and his family. Noah told her "please do.  I miss you too.  I see your mom all the time.  We have dinner up there once in awhile.  She still goes up there. To the Italian place".

Ellen said my mom "never lets me know what she does".

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