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Beyonce Knowles recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show which was completely dedicated to the superstar songbird and her new CD titled Sasha Fierce.

During her appearance on Ellen the beautiful Beyonce performed a series of songs for Ellen and her audience.

(Image of Beyonce at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Cadillac Records - 11-24-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

She also made a few wardrobe changes, all the while slowing off a beautiful half up-half down hairstyle which was swept up off her face, captured at the back of the crown in a mid head ponytail with the rest of the hair allowed to cascade down her back into a stick straight curtain of silky and shiny tresses.

Beyonce's long time hairdresser is Kim Kimble.  For more information about the very talented and delightful Kim read:  Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble

In the first performance - Single Lady- right after Ellen did her famous dance Beyonce wore a one piece black leotard with a silver inset with her hair swinging freely.

When Beyonce joined Ellen on stage she was wearing a gorgeous one piece chocolate lace jumpsuit.

Ellen and Beyonce chatted quite a bit in between her performances.

Beyonce was willing to chat about her relatively new marriage to Jay-Z, her new film "Cadillac Records" which premiered in Hollywood, California November 24, 2008 and a variety of other personal facts.

(Image of Beyonce at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Cadillac Records - 11-24-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Beyonce told Ellen "my job is to give 100%" to my audience and "I feel that I've been allowed to do a job I love so much I feel that I need to give my best".

Beyonce admitted to Ellen "she doesn't know how to relax".  She told Ellen "I don't like to get a massage.  The only time I can really relax is when I'm on a boat because I can't escape".

She also discussed her various encounters with the paparazzi and how her mother would call and comment about various fashions and hairstyles and Beyonce would have no idea that the photographers had been around. As she told Ellen "you never know when the paparazzi are around."

Beyonce and Jay-Z were together seven years "before they got married".  She believes it's important that everyone have their own goals before they get married.

The songbird also told Ellen "it feels great to be married".  Beyonce told Ellen "Jay-Z is a cool guy.  He is very patient".

(Image of Beyonce at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Cadillac Records - 11-24-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Since the name of Beyonce's new CD is Sasha Fierce the topic of who Sasha is was brought up.  Beyonce explained "Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter-ego".  Ellen got a big laugh when said her alter-ego is Richard Simmons.

Beyonce told Ellen Sasha Fierce is "for fun" and allows Beyonce to "blame anything bad on Sasha".  Ellen asked Beyonce if her husband knows about Sasha".  She laughed and said "Jay knows Sasha".

Beyonce confessed with Sasha Fierce she was "able to do what she really wanted to do while giving the fans what they wanted".

When Beyonce performed If I Were A Boy she wore a chocolate brown suit coat with a white high color shirt with a hint of soft pink.  She wore matching slacks and looked gorgeous.

The ever inquisitive Ellen asked Beyonce if she was going to have kids?  The superstar said being by her sister Solange's side while she gave birth made her "think twice about going through it herself".

Ellen pressed. her. But will she have kids? "One day maybe. I have my nephew and I was there in the delivery room and it kind of traumatized me," Beyonce told Ellen. "You shouldn't be there for that," Ellen joked.

"I told my sister that!" I said, 'Please don't have me in the room," Beyonce said. "And she said, "you have to. I'm your sister. Stop being so silly."

(Image of Beyonce at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Cadillac Records - 11-24-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

"Well I was right" she reported I'm traumatized."  Even still Beyonce said she "definitely wants to be a mom". Ellen said "now you're never going to have a baby."  Beyonce replied "I will, I will. A couple maybe."

At the end of the show Beyonce performed Claws And All, which is Ellen's favorite song which was a great end to a really great show.  Kudos to Ellen and Beyonce.

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