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Prison Shirts Get Shredded For Fashion

Raquel Allegra Designs

Raquel Allegra is a New York fashion designer with exceptional creativity.

Recently it was announced in the New York Times that Raquel had taken the sizzling new shredded fashion trend to new heights.

The inspired fashion designer starts with Los Angeles County Jail T-shirts (size 8XL).  Yes, that's right, Raquel builds her amazing shredded fashions out of prison shirts.

Note: Image to the side from the Raquel Allegra collection of shredded fashions.

WOW.  How brilliant is that?  Each of her tops and dresses are cut, dyed, sewn and then painstakingly deconstructed by hand from the shirts.

Raquel told the Times "I needed to start with really soft, well-worn white shirts, and they're a good source"  she explained.  At first she wasn't comfortable using the prison garb, but found the poetry of working with the shirts while digging through a 1,000 pound bale of the shirts.

"Taking someting that has an ugly past and creating something beautiful out of it, it's a form of redeption"  she said.  Certainly celebrity fans such as Model Erin Wasson and actresses Penelope Cruz and Heidi Klum are sold.

Raquel Allegra shredded fashion pieces range from $225 to $1,500 at Assembly New York, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Curve or at

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