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Ken Paves Shorter Hairstyle For Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

Recently I wrote about Marcia Cross appearing on Ellen.  Of course I wrote about her stunning hair, which has been getting lots of recent media attention because of it's gorgeous rich orange red color.

Note: Check out Marcia's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery recently updated with new images of the gorgeous Desperate Housewife.

Red is one of the hot hair colors right now and her long sleek and shiny hairstyle is much sought after.

In the process of researching Marcia's various hairstyles, I found a photo  on the Web from a few months ago of Marcia leaving the Ken Paves hair salon in Beverly Hills. I have been to the salon and it is a true hair wonderland, for everyone who visits - celebs or not.

In the photo she was wearing a shorter brunette bob hairstyle. It was a surprise to see her without her trademark luscious long red tresses.

Did Marcia really go with a shorter hairstyle?  Or were my eyes deceiving me?

I asked Ken personally if he had worked with Marcia and her hair.  Ken told me "Marcia came to me for a wig I made for a movie".

OK.  That explains it.  The beautiful red headed desperate housewife did not change her hair color, she had a custom wig made. Good to know since the term "actor hair" is named for actors and actresses who color their hair so often their natural hair becomes completely damaged in the process.

Who better to make a wig for Marcia Cross than Ken, who is the inventor of the HairDo line from HairUWear which includes clip-on hair extensions (he designed with Jessica) and wigs.  Remember the red wig Jessica wore some years ago?  In fact, she covered up any blonde roots with red eye shadow.  Another one of Ken's famous hair tricks.

As always, my favorite celebrity hairdresser has wildly busy traveling around the country and promoting his fabulous new Ken Paves Healthy Hair Care line as well as the latest HairDo designs which now has a hot new Gift With Purchase special (buy one get one free - $90 savings).

On a personal note, Ken recently attended Ashlee Simpson's baby shower with Jessica.  Ken has known and worked with Ashlee's hair since she was a teen and is very close to Ash.  He will definitely be a proud adopted uncle to Ashlee's new baby.

In the meantime Ken promised to give me somenew hairstyling scoops on his latest celebrity hair work so stay tuned.  I promise to share them as soon as I have them.

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