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Hairstyles Men Play With

Hairstyles Men Play With - Long, Silky, Shiny

I wish I could tell you that there is a secret formula to follow when it comes to figuring out what men love about their sweetie's hair and what encourages maximum hair play.

The truth? There isn't a simple set of rules to becoming a man magnet based on your hairstyle.


Every man is different in what he is atttracted to or loves with regard to his sweetie's hairstyle. Yes, there are key factors that anyone can evaluate to determine if their hairstyle has sex appeal, if that's a goal for you.

Are there general guidelines? As a very general rule, most men are not attracted to hairstyles that are heavily styled with hairspray or similar products. They also are less willing to play with hair that is teased, tightly braided or contained in such a manner as to make difficult for them to run their fingers through.

Want to know more? Consider the following hairstyle variables listed below:

These man magnet hairstyle variables include:

1. Length - Long, Medium, Short

Long Hair

Hairstyles Men Play With - Medium Length Hairstyles - Merlot Red

Some men adore long hairstyles. Especially long tresses that are shiny, sleek, silky and obviously well maintained. Generally speaking, men who love to play with long hair will also love to brush it, touch it and wind it around their fingers. If you want your guy to be drawn to your long hair, make sure you keep yours as healthy as possible with trimmed ends and knot free.


Not all men automatically love longer hairstyles. Some prefer hairstyles that are medium in length - to the chin or slightly below.- with lots of movement and sass. As with long hair, keeping your hairstyle well maintained is key. All split ends must be kept to a minimum and hair must be consistently cleaned and conditioned.


Some men prefer short hair. In fact, some men even love absolutely no hair on their partners. Yes, there are men out there that prefer super short, buzzed or bald hairstyles. If that's the case with your guy be sure you are comfortable before changing the length of your hairstyle. If you already wear shorter hairdos and are open to taking it all off, so be it.

2. Texture - Curly, Kinky, Wavy, Straight, Combined

Some men are absolute suckers for natural ringlets and curls. Other men prefer different textures. If you discover your sweetie loves to play with your ringlets, you may want to retire your flat irons to encourage him to touch your tresses. If your man prefers your hairstyle straight, you may or may not want to consider a hairstyle change.

Ultimately I believe every person should wear their hair as they love it. However, there's nothing wrong in changing your hairstyle for your sweetie if you're fine with the change. If you're not, move onto a guy that adores your hair in its au natural form.

3. Hairstyle - Up, Down Or Combo

Hairstyles Men Play With - Messy Updo - Brunette

Some men find ponytails really sexy because they show off the curve of the neck and can be flirty and sassy. Other men love hairstyles done up in bedhead knots just begging them to take them down.

When in doubt about the hairstyle your guy loves best ask him. Or pay attention to little clues he sends you based on the hairstyle you are wearing.

4. Type - Thin, Thick, Medium

Does hairtype matter? Not as much. The key is to have hair that is soft and shiny with as much body as possible. Remember that attitude is a major factor in being a man magnet. Men are drawn to anyone who has a healthy self esteem and feels sexy.

5. Hairstyle Color - Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Combo

Whether you opt to be a bombshell blonde, beautiful brunette or radiant redhead, as long as your color is gorgeous, a man will not be able to resist. Even cotton candy pink is attractive when the color is well kept and roots are minimized.

Keep in mind that colored hair may not be as soft and silky, due to the chemicals. Since softness to the touch is important for encouraging men to play with your hair, make sure you always follow a good conditioning routine.

Other Notes

Besides keeping your hair well-maintained, soft and silky, remember to keep hair fresh. Dirty, oily or straggly hair is definitely not as attractive as the newly washed hair with a fabulous aroma. While it is never recommended that perfume be applied directly to the hair, a good trick is to dab your favorite fragrance at the base of your neck or behind your ears. The heat from your body will activate your aroma and travel through your hair.

My final words of advice regarding hairplay and selecting hairstyles men play include the following notes:

Don't worry so much about your hair and worry more about being your vibrant, beautiful and sensuous self. What man could resist?

Have fun regardless. Afterall, there are two people involved in hairplay and you're one of them.

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