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Hugh Hefner Dishes On Girls Next Door

Being a world class packrat it takes me some time to get through all of the magazines I attempt to read on a monthly basis.

I recently uncovered an October 20, 2008 issue of OK Magazine containing an interview of Hugh Hefner about his three girlfriends - Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt.

(Image of L-R - Bridget Marquardt, Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson - - All Rights Reserved).

Ironically, Hugh denied all break-up rumors about Holly and Criss Angel.  He told OK Magazine "I'm very much in love with Holly, but the truth is I'm still married to my last wife (Kimberley Conrad)".

Hef told OK that was the reason he would not be getting married again - at least in the near future.

OK Magazine asked Hef if he though marriage was outdated.  He said "marriage is a nice way to raise children, but it's not a necessity.  What matters in relationships is what's in the heart".

Hef also confirmed that at 82 he still "feels like a kid".  He also told OK Magazine he is still "very close" to Pamela Anderson and he "loves her".

Turn the calender ahead to November 11th and you will find a very different situation involving Hef and his three blonde girlfriends.

It has been confirmed that Holly has indeed ended her long term relationship with Hefner for her ongoing affair with Criss Angel.  It was also recently confirmed that Kendra is engaged to marry and that Hef is delighted and will give the bride away.

I don't personally know Hef although I met a formed Playmate of the Year at a photo shoot and she said he is adorable.  The playmate in question actually appeared on a few episodes of Girls Next Door and said all of the three girls were so much fun to hang out with.

As far as Hef goes, he still has Bridget Marquardt and two new girlfriends.  I have no doubt that the Playboy patriarch will never run short of a new supply of ladies who want to hang out at the Mansion.  My hope for Hef and all of is girls is that they are very happy.

One of the things I've personally always found fascinating about  The Girls Next Door - Holly, Kendra and Bridget - was how very different their shades of blonde always looked.

Holly, at least lately, has always trended towards the pale white platinum shades while Bridget seems to opt for softer highlighted pale blonde hues.

Initially Kendra also was very white blonde but over the past year has gone with a much softer and multi-dimensional blonde.  I think she looks great with her new blonde.

In the meantime, I will be waiting to see if Hef's next set of girlfriends - and you know he will have several - run the gamet of blonde, brunette or redhead.  With redheads being so popular right now maybe he should go with three in different hues of ruby?  At least Hef would be keeping up with hair fashion trends.

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